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Gemma Arterton is Rebecca in Runner Runner. Find out more about Gemma’s character in this featurette.

During the scene that was shot last Thursday (October 3rd), rue des Bonnetiers in Rouen, Martin (Fabrice Luchini) notices a broken vehicle, with smoke coming from the engine. Gemma tries to fix the problem and succeeds… and then a torrid kiss happens (between Gemma and the character played by Mel Raido)…

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Interview with Gemma Arterton, who plays Rebecca in Runner Runner.

1. On the script.
2. On Rebecca’s relationship with Ivan.
3. On Rebecca’s elegance.
4. On Rebecca’s personality.
5. On Rebecca’s dilemma.

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BEING BETTY – A film by Lisa Eldridge starring Gemma Arterton

I really wanted to make a film with actress Gemma Arterton and had the idea to make a series called ‘Being Betty’ in which she plays three different characters all named Betty… Betty Page, Betty Blue and Betty Ford.

I had no idea if Gemma would like my concept but if you don’t ask you don’t get, so I gave it a go! Luckily for me Gemma LOVED the concept and really wanted to do it. Gemma for me is a classic British beauty. A great beauty with a gorgeously naughty streak, she has so much natural charm – girls adore her and men fancy the pants off her.


Gemma Being Betty
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