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  Riikka   August 27, 2008

Coming soon to ITV1, Lost In Austen is a reinvention of the classic novel Pride And Prejudice, in which Jane Austen’s story is thrown off track by a very modern heroine. Gemma Arterton plays Elizabeth Bennet.

What drew you to the role of Elizabeth Bennet?

Pride and Prejudice is a classic and it’s a compliment to be asked to read for Elizabeth Bennet as she’s such a fantastic, witty and intelligent character. Also she’s ahead of her time and that’s the reason she fits into the modern world.

Do you think the Lizzie Bennet you play in Lost in Austen is true to Jane Austen’s character in Pride and Prejudice?

The characters in Lost in Austen are really affected by what happens when Lizzie and Amanda swap places. Obviously, if you are taken to another world you’re going to change, but their personalities are those that were created in Pride and Prejudice, so Elizabeth’s strength and forward thinking nature stands her in good stead.

How do you think Elizabeth feels when she finds the door to Amanda’s world?

She’s very curious and inquisitive, so at first it’s quite intriguing. When she initially finds the door she’s scared, but then she goes back a couple more times. She realises there’s not much going on for her in her time and she starts to see it as a new exciting world. Most people would be petrified to go somewhere completely alien, but she’s ready for the challenge. It’s a bold move for her to take that step. She’s ahead of her time and this is in her character.

What is it that motivates her to stay in the modern world?

Up until that point in the novel she’s living a very normal existence. She hasn’t met Darcy yet, she hasn’t met Bingley and she’s bored. She wants to explore and see and do new things. She does it without thinking to some extent, especially as regards leaving her family.

Do you think she’s worried about what’s happening in her life back in Longbourn?

I think, like Amanda, she can’t get back and doesn’t realise this straight away. Given the choice she’d go back and forth, but once the door shuts she’s stuck. She misses her family and doesn’t know what’s going on back there.

How does she feel about Amanda?

Amanda and Lizzie are very similar, as are Jemima and I. I think if Lizzie lost all of her manners and eloquence and had been brought up in the modern world she would have been much more like Amanda. When they meet they connect and they’re like two old friends.

Did you enjoy wearing the period costume? Was this your first experience of costume drama?

I did some theatre in which I got to wear Elizabethan dress which was amazing, but this was the first time I’ve done it in television. I’d never worn Regency dress before, it was really sweet, plus it’s flattering and there’s no restrictions in those clothes so it was lovely to be able to eat what I liked as no-one could tell.

Was there a favourite scene that you filmed?

When Amanda finds Elizabeth in the bathroom. Definitely. No matter how shocked our characters were, it was still hilarious to film and Jemima and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

How did you find the cast to work with?

I joined the shoot later than everyone else, so they already had all their shared experiences and jokes, but they were so lovely plus it was great to work with a cast that were mainly my own age. Everyone was up for a laugh and were really lovely and approachable. It was a really warm set.

What’s next for you after Lost in Austen?

I have a couple of films coming out, Three And Out and then a Guy Ritchie film called Rock ‘n Roller. I’m filming Quantum Of Solace which is the new James Bond film, Prince of Persia for Disney, I’m also playing Tess in Tess of the D’Urbevilles for BBC1.

Source: LastBroadcast.co.uk