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  M.   March 29, 2009

Gemma Arterton has quickly become the go-to girl for blockbusters.

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Artstrained actress has just landed one of the main female roles in a 21st-century remake of the old Ray Harryhausen epic The Clash Of The Titans.

Remember? It starred Laurence Olivier as the voice of God, sorry Zeus, and Maggie Smith, Claire Bloom and Ursula Andress.

Gemma plays Io, a character not featured in the 1981 movie. In Greek mythology Io was a nymph, or a demi-goddess, from the skies who dallied with Zeus. Unfortunately for her, he was forced to turn her into a white cow to hide her from his suspicious wife.

Anyway, in the new film, which shoots just outside London and Spain from next month, she’s deployed to assist Perseus on his many quests.

Io has haunting eyes, so pale they’re almost white. Which will mean white contact lenses for this brown-eyed girl. Later this summer, Gemma will be seen in the epic Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley.

She also has a small role in The Boat That Rocked, the movie that’s a sort of Mamma Mia! for blokes.

Others in Clash Of The Titans include Sam Worthington as Perseus (look out for this guy, he’ll be in about four major movies this year), Liam Cunningham, Hans Matheson as Ixas (PS: He played Alec in Tess opposite our Gemma) and Luke Treadaway as Prokopion.

Liam Neeson had been cast as Zeus but following the heartbreaking death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, it’s not yet known whether he’s still available to do it.

Source: Daily Mail