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  Mata   September 23, 2009

Which has a few bits about Gemma. ;)

Early on comes a very disturbing scene in which you’ve just kidnapped Gemma Arterton, and you’re required to bind her to a bed and remove her clothing while she puts up an incredibly convincing fight. How did you go about approaching a sensitive scene like that, requiring so much trust between relative strangers?

MARSAN: It was horrible. She’s very brave, very stoic and very trusting. It was just an awful thing to do. But there was an air of respect on the set. Everybody was very sensitive. What it did was, it made everybody trust each other for the rest of the film, because we shot that first, we got it out of the way. Everything else, there was an air of cooperation and mutual respect, and a great deal from sensitivity from everyone.

COMPSTON: Gemma was a star. She never once complained, or said it was too much. Already it’s an incredibly uncomfortable thing for us to have to do to someone you barely know; it would have been ever more so if she was uncomfortable. But she just went on with it.

I imagine for all the time on screen we see her cuffed and gagged, she was in that state for much longer during the shoot.

COMPSTON: She was. She was there for days and days. I put that gag in my mouth just once, just to try it. It was disgusting.

There’s a fair bit of nudity required of everyone in Alice Creed. How did you feel about that?

COMPSTON: You never feel really comfortable being naked among strangers, but it was nothing compared with everything Gemma went through, so you just think, well, get on with it. The one scene that sort of freaked me out had a [full frontal shot], but it was quick and you couldn’t really see it. But one of our producers said, just wait until the DVD comes out and people press pause!

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