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  M.   January 05, 2010

It’s not easy being beautiful and talented.

Just ask Gemma Arterton.

The 23-year-old actress believes British attitudes to attractive, accomplished women need a serious overhaul.

According to her, we simply don’t like pretty girls who do well.

‘For some reason, if you’re successful in Britain, people tend not to like you,’ she declared.

‘But if you are a successful woman, and beautiful, in Britain, you are even more disliked.’

Miss Arterton, who made her name as agent Strawberry Fields in the James Bond film Quantum Of Solace, has strong opinions on the way young actresses are regarded in Britain.

‘When you put yourself in these huge popcorn movies you get out there, in the public arena, more than anyone else,’ she said.

‘But that also means that you’re out there to be criticised more than anyone else. With Keira Knightley, she’s brave to do her play [The Misanthrope].’

Miss Arterton has previously spoken of her determination not to give in to the Hollywood fashion for extraordinarily-thin female stars.

But making her name as a Bond girl meant her curvaceous looks were always going to be centre-stage.

The RADA-trained actress beat 1,500 hopefuls to win the role of Strawberry Fields.

Obviously being a woman of both beauty and ability can be a burden. But Miss Arterton, it seems, is confident she can handle the pressure.

‘The minute anyone says, “Oh my God! You’re so amazing!” I just have to go, “Shut up! Please!” I am normal. I have just one rule – don’t believe the hype,’ she told The Times.

Previously she has spoken of her dislike for the shape of women stars in Hollywood.

‘I refuse to conform to this muscly, sinewy look that so many actresses seem to think is attractive. I hate it and I don’t think it’s very feminine.

‘I dress like a woman and wear a lot of couture because it’s made for real women with curves.’

Source: Daily Mail