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  Mata   April 19, 2010

She may be hot property in Hollywood at the moment, but former Bond girl Gemma Arterton insists she’s still just a normal Kent girl at heart.

The actress stars in two of this year’s biggest studio blockbusters – Clash Of The Titans and Prince Of Persia.

But her latest film, The Disappearance Of Alice Creed, is a much grittier, low-budget flick made back home in the UK.

“If I thought about it in that way it would freak me out,” Gemma told Sky News when asked about the pressure of being called “this year’s one to watch”.

“I just try to get on with my work and live my life as normally as I can and I do live a very normal life outside of work.

“I’m very lucky this is coming out between the two because it shows there’s another side.”

Alice Creed is a dark and tense suspense film that centres around the kidnap of a rich socialite.

It features only three actors, and is mostly shot in a single flat.

But with its series of clever twists, it’s already received high praise from the critics.

“I felt more at home on this kind of film,” Arterton explains.

“This is the sort of thing I always imagined I’d do, it was kind of like doing a play.

“You’re not handed everything on a plate so you have to work things out and make your own decisions. You have to do a bit of thinking.”

The actress had to endure some pretty harrowing scenes in the film, where her character is snatched, stripped naked, and tied to a bed.

But Gemma knew these shocking moments were essential in the lead-up to the twists that followed, even if filming them was sometimes difficult.

“When I signed up I knew that was going to happen and I said ‘Yes’ to it,” said Arterton.

“It’s hard for everybody, especially J (Blakeson, the writer and director).

“He’d say to me every night ‘I feel horrible because you’re a really nice girl but I keep doing all these horrible things to you!’.

“But I want to do things as an actress that scare and challenge me, and this did, so I’m proud of it.”


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