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  M.   May 07, 2010

Gemma Arterton claims she had to tone down her role in forthcoming blockbuster Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in case it was “too sexy”.

The former Bond girl, 24, plays exotic Princess Tamina in the big screen adaptation of the popular computer game.

“Considering it’s a Disney movie we couldn’t be too sexy. In the game she’s got big boobs but we had to make her Disney-fied so it’s good that she is still a little bit [sexy].”

The actress recently said she was worried gamers wouldn’t find her raunchy enough for the role.

“I had my doubts when I first got the job that I wasn’t right for it but at the end the day I’ve been cast in it and I had to get over it and enjoy it.”

Arterton stars opposite Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Prince Dastan. The couple end up falling in love on screen and Gemma claimed the pair spent most of the shoot teasing each other.

“The main bit of our relationship on screen is that we had this to-ing fro-ing of wit and we kind of had that on set. I’d take the mickey out of him and he’d take the mickey out of me but I like it like that, it’s more fun.”

Gemma admitted that she had spent her childhood dreaming of being a princess.

“Even if they don’t like to admit it at some point they imagine themselves as a princess and being rescued and then as you get older you say ‘I don’t want to be rescued, I’m an independent woman’ but secretly you do want to be rescued.”