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  M.   May 29, 2010

Gemma Arterton recently sat down with Vogue UK to catch up and talk about all things style. The British actress’ newest film, Prince of Persia, was just released and, in all it’s to-do, she is wowing the fashion crowds with her red carpet picks. Gemma chatted candidly with Vogue about her fashion favorites and dressing up for the red carpet. Here are a few of the things Gemma loves:

Harem pants:
“The costumes in Prince of Persia were exquisite, designed by Penny Rose who designed all of the costumes for Pirates of the Caribbean. The attention to detail was outstanding and I was really made to feel like a princess on set. I loved how every outfit and look I had helped to tell the story. I also loved the harem trousers that I had and secretly wished I could have taken them home! I always end up dressing a bit like my character when I’m filming and have been wearing harem trousers with pride ever since.”

The red carpet:
“I get to wear things that I would never be able to wear in my own life. As I do more work, I’ve been able to wear some really fantastic designers, like Valentino for example. I’m always excited to try things on and play designer dress up!”

Studio 54:
“I’ve always loved Bianca Jagger circa the Studio 54 days. She was so utterly chic and cool.”

Keeping her clothes forever and ever:
“I have an incredible Halston jumpsuit that I have worn over and over again. I love Margiela and have a sweater that is literally falling apart now because I’ve worn it so much. I’m also sentimental when it comes to clothes. There are some items that I will never get rid of as I wore them at poignant times in my life. I even have a red and white dress that my mum made for me when I was a baby stashed in there somewhere; it’s one of my most treasured possessions.”

We’ve been loving Gemma’s red carpet style and can’t wait to see more of her in the future. Read more about Gemma’s style on Vogue UK’s website.