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  M.   July 07, 2011

Gemma Arterton says it’s hard to find clothes that suit her curvy figure.

The stunning actress admits she sometimes struggles to find outfits that flatter her hourglass body and can’t just wear anything so often relies on Italian fashion house Gucci.

She said: “My shape means I can’t throw on an outfit. Gucci tends to design best for my hourglass figure.”

Gemma is also a fan of tailored jackets as they go with any outfit.

She told Britain’s Vogue magazine: “I wear my tailored jackets to death – Armani, Givenchy and Margiela.”

As well as wearing certain clothes, Gemma also sticks to the same perfume and make-up.

She said: “I do love a red lip – Nars Jungle Red is my favourite.

“My scents always have hints of Jasmine. Right now, it’s Balenciaga Paris – it’s floral, light and musky.”

Gemma has previously admitted she likes to keep her style simple.

She said: “For me it’s kind of simple really. I don’t really go for anything too embellished or fancy or frilly or girly and it has to be easy because I haven’t got time for anything that’s too difficult!

“I just like putting on a pair jeans and jacket and going, although I do like heels – I’ve got a passion for shoes, but I always end up wearing the one same pair of shoes. But it works with my lifestyle because I’m always running around so it doesn’t work for me to wear tight skirts and corsets, or whatever it is! Jeans are definitely the way forward.”