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  M.   August 16, 2011

If you’ve picked up the new issue of Grazia – out today! – you’ll know Gemma Arterton is on a mission to save the world, win an Oscar and have a baby. Oh yes.

But first things first. When we sat down to chat with the A-list actress, Gemma revealed her plans to tackle climate change by protecting the rainforest. ‘Deforestation is responsible for as much greenhouse gas emissions as all the world’s cars, planes, trains and ships put together,’ she says. And right now, with a new highway slicing through one of the last densely forested areas of the Amazon, the future of the planet is very much in danger – whenever a road appears in Brazil, loggers quickly follow.

Fortunately, Gemma’s got there first. As an ambassador for the Sky Rainforest Rescue project in partnership with WWF, she’s helping to create sustainable partnerships that prove the trees are worth more alive than dead. Go Gem!

Here’s where you come in. Photographs documenting Gemma’s trip to the Amazon will appear as part of a collaborative exhibition with the acclaimed Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado later this year. So for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the VIP launch party and enjoy a caipirinha with Ms Arterton, just answer the question below…

Gemma starred alongside Daniel Craig in which film series?

* Star Wars
* Harry Potter
* James Bond

Closing Date: 29/08/11

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