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  M.   August 30, 2011

Gemma Arterton exclusively chats about having a to-die-for Sex and the City style wardrobe, her love of denim and wearing suits on the red carpet.

As an actress, Gemma said that one of the best parts of her job is getting glammed up for events – although she has a very daring approach as to what to wear on the red carpet.

‘For me I’ve taken a more relaxed view to publicity events. You can still wear something simple and cool, but sometimes it is good to get dressed up and put on your war paint.

‘It’s a bit like wearing a costume. If I had my way I’d wear a suit all the time! A time will come when I will turn up in a suit. I will wear a suit one day! Red carpet events can be political, you have to work it that way.’

The 25-year-old also said she has a ‘penchant’ for classic pieces of clothing that will last her a long time, instead of dresses ‘because I get bored of them’, and how her love of shoes caused her to create a separate room specifically for her dressing-up items.

She revealed: ‘It’s really quite bad. I have a separate closet, now. I turned one of the three bedrooms in my house into a closet and it’s amazing. My mates come round and they say ‘You have a Sarah Jessica Parker closet!’. It’s great.’

Gemma, currently the face of denim giants G-Star Raw, also revealed that though she loves clothes, her expensive taste can sometimes cause problems.

‘I have expensive tastes. It gets me in trouble! But I like to buy classic things, particularly jeans and shoes and jackets. I do just buy cheap old t-shirts. I’d rather spend money on a great jacket than a dress.’

The James Bond actress also expressed her love for denim, explaining it was the reason behind her enthusiasm about being the face of G-Star Raw,

‘I wear jeans every day. I’ve got every type of jean. I like dresses but I just feel awkward. It’s more of a comfort thing. It’s a distinct and easy way to dress that’s very stylish. It’s good to see denim doing very well.’

Gemma Arterton is the current face of G-Star Raw. Check out the latest collection at www.g-star.com.