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  M.   November 01, 2011

She’s an iconic figure in cinematic history and many a woman has dressed up as her over the years mostly for fancy dress.

But Gemma Arterton decided an exhibition highlighting the plight of the Amazonian rainforest would be the perfect time to show off Princess Leia look.

The actress looked just like the Star Wars heroine as she arrived at Somerset House in central London tonight for the Sky Rainforest Rescue Exhibition.

Gemma, 25, looked stunning in her long white halterneck dress with a gold chain that connected the waist to the back of the neck.

And while her long dark hair wasn’t swept into buns on the side of her head, it was plaited back and looked very similar to the Princess, who was played by Carrie Fisher from 1977 to 1983.

Gemma was the guest of honour at the exhibition which was set up by Sky and the World Wide Fund for Nature, or the WFF, to raise awareness about deforestation of the rainforest.

The photos were taken by award-winning photographers Sebastião Salgado and Per Anders Pettersson to document the plight of the South American jungle.

The free exhibition features unseen images of the level of devastation caused by deforestation and shows the progress being made through Sky Rainforest Rescue, which sees Sky and WWF working closely with the Acre State Government to protect this precious part of the world.

Photos used in the exhibition come from Salgado’s photo essay, ‘Genesis’, while Pettersson’s images document a recent trip to Acre in Brazil with Arterton.

Speaking about her trip, she said: ‘It’s easy to deforest, it’s quick money, so this is about giving people other means to make a living by using the rainforest.

‘They love the forest they live in and don’t want to chop it down but they’re so poor they often don’t have a choice. They’ve been changing the way they live as part of the campaign.’

Pettersson added: ‘Some of the images will help visitors understand the deforestation first hand. Others show the reality of life in the poor communities of the region, and some of the innovative solutions to deforestation that WWF and Sky are using.

‘My work is normally from Africa so this was an opportunity to point my camera in another part of the world.’

And he sung his famous travelling companion’s praises and remarked on her singing voice, saying: ‘I have worked with many celebrities before and I can only say that the experience was absolutely a pleasure. She is genuinely interested in the cause and she has a remarkable warm way of interacting with people.

‘We hiked together for hours and she never complained. We had a lot of work to do but we also had a lot of fun during the trip. And she is a great singer!’

* ‘Amazon‘ opens at Somerset House on November 2 and runs until December 4.