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  M.   January 11, 2012

Gemma Arterton was pictured smoking a cigarette while covered in blood during a break from filming on the set of the vampire movie Byzantium in the Ballymun Flats complex in Dublin, Ireland.

After spending the afternoon pretending to be a vampire and getting covered in fake blood, no wonder Gemma Arterton looks in need of a rest.

Filming her new movie Byzantium in Dublin yesterday, the 25-year-old stepped out of character – but not costume – for a few minutes to enjoy a well-earned cigarette break.

Covering up in a dressing gown, the former Bond girl sipped on a cup of coffee as she puffed away.

Arterton had been filming scenes for the upcoming thriller Byzantium in a housing estate in Ballymun, renowned for being an impoverished area of Dublin in the 1970s.

Also on location was her co-star Saoirse Ronan, who also plays a vampire in the film.

Byzantium is adapted from Moira Buffini’s play A Vampire Story, which was commissioned in 2008 by London’s National Theatre.

Arterton and Ronan play two young female vampires who move to a small British town and mystery and intrigue immediately surround the pair who could be sisters or mother and daughter.

In the play, the eldest, Clara, takes a job in a pub while the younger girl, Eleanor, goes to school and during a truth exercise in her drama class, she confesses that she is over 200 years old and has survived on human blood.

Her classmates think she is crazy and her teacher contacts the school counsellor but she makes one friend in the form of Frank who has been home schooled and is considered an outsider.

Arterton started filming Byzantium in Sussex last month.

Byzantium (2012) > On The Set (Dublin, Ireland) – January 10, 2012

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