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  M.   March 20, 2013

By Ellen Stewart

If you don’t know who actress and musician Hannah Arterton is yet, listen up because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her. MyDaily caught up with the younger sister of Gemma Arterton, who’s fast becoming a star in her own right, and talked makeup, Gwen Stefani and To Kill A Mocking Bird

When I look in the mirror I see… a blank canvas. I was once told by a drama teacher and more recently by a makeup artist that I had a very changeable face. I can look completely different depending on makeup. So on a day that I’m feeling really energetic and positive I would definitely wear a bright lipstick and throw on loads of accessories, but on a day when I’m feeling a bit grumpy I’m all in black… I look like something out of The Craft.

If I was stranded on a desert island with one dress it would be… a vintage tea dress. I imagine it would be quite hot on this desert island, so I would want to be wearing something flowy and free. It’s patterned as well so wouldn’t show the dirt if it got a bit grubby. I like to feel free in what I’m wearing and think this dress would be perfect for a tricky desert island-like situation.

When I was at school I wanted to be… Gwen Stefani. I loved Gwen more than I can even express. I was in a band – I’ve been in bands most of my life – and I just wanted to be her. I downloaded all her music videos onto my computer and used to sit there watching them wishing I could look like her and wear crop tops with ‘Punk’ written on them and pink hair. I loved that she was a girl in a boy’s world and worked it.

My biggest style triumph was… when my boyfriend and I were invited to do a Valentine’s photo shoot for Mr Porter, it was really cringey but afterwards I had some vouchers to spend on Net-A-Porter. I decided I was going to buy a classic black dress that I could keep for years. I ended up with an-underwear-as-outerwear-style dress by Willow. I wore it to an event in Berlin recently and felt amazing in it. It’s just like me to set out to buy something classic and end up with a statement number – but I think the more unusual the better.

If I could be any character from film or literature I would be… Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird. She is so adorable but totally fearless. She’s completely unaffected and pure. Even though she is so small and young she sticks to her guns and her instincts are always spot on. Also, she dresses up as a ham – gotta love that!