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  M.   June 27, 2013

Clad in a stunning red dress that served to enhance everything beneath, she descended the stairs that led down from the hidden patio on which they’d been filming and joined us at the monitors.

Fun fact: Arterton sang snatches from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY between takes. When asked how she knew the lyrics so well, she explained it was because it was one of her favorite films when she was a kid.

Why she picked this movie: I thought the script itself, the whole thing kind of gripped me. I thought it was very clever. I thought the monologues were great. I’ve always liked those Rat Pack casino movies. And one of my favorite movies is GILDA, and there’s kind of Gilda quality to this a little bit and, then in other ways it’s very contemporary, very like “bling, modern, get rich quick, money-loving, prostitute-loving. (laugh) You know, that kind of sleazy bling world. It’s that as well, but it has this style to it that I was enticed by. It’s about money, power and greed, [and] mistakes in life.

Why her character is important to the story and just who her character is: I play Ivan Bloch’s, who’s Ben Affleck’s character, his right-hand woman, the kind of woman that runs things, you know. And then we end up–me and Justin, end up falling in love. And she’s like a femme fatale but then [she] redeems herself just enough to save face. Rebecca is the kind of the humanity in the story. I mean, Justin’s character and Ivan, Ben’s character, are like the polar opposites at the start, you know. And then my character is the one that kind of brings them together in a way. They compete over me and I unlock in both of them this kind of desire and human need other than wealth, money, [and] materialistic needs. And similarly, that’s what [Justin]’s character does to my character, you know. She is a very materialistic person, greedy and spoiled and very rich and he brings her back down to earth. So I think she is like the human glue. Otherwise, it would just be about money, and we might as well make a movie about politicians. You know, I think it’s, [she] actually makes the movie feel.

Why her character was changed from American to English: I actually went in and did an American accent in my audition. And also that was a draw for me. I was like, ooh, cool, I can do an American accent in this film. I have yet to have done one. [But then they said] “we love your accent.” (laugh) That always happens. (laugh) I’m like, “what accent? I don’t have an accent!” So then Brad was like, “do it in an English accent.” And he liked it as well because it made it more international and, you know, it’s a global company that we work for in the film, and it makes sense. It’s nice, you know. I don’t have to worry.

Why she loved working with Ben Affleck: We have this weird back story, Ben and I, and we had a relationship in the film. He has this possessive kind of thing over me. My character’s very independent. And she’s very cutting. And there’s one particular scene where he finds out that I’ve just had a night of intimacy with Justin’s character, and he gets very jealous and then, like, kind of pounces on me, but that wasn’t in the script. It was really fun and like, he really sprung it on me… And I love all that stuff. I’m always like, “bring it on, do something that’s going to creep me out a little bit!” So what was on the page became much more than what we read, and so it was much richer.


So there’s all that for you. Hope you enjoyed a peek into the process behind the making of this “very sexy stylized thriller” (in the words of Arterton), and look for RUNNER RUNNER to arrive in theaters on September 27, 2013.