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  M.   May 10, 2014

One day before Runner Runner came out on DVD and on Blu-ray in the UK, Gemma Arterton gave an interview to TV Extra Magazine about the film, gambling and what attracts her to a man.

Are you similar to Rebecca at all?
“I don’t believe in bringing the character to me. I definitely have to change my way of thinking — because, you know, there were definite things about Rebecca that are very, very much like me. But then the business side of her is not like me. There are two sides of her. There’s this sort of charming sensitive, almost romantic, side and then there’s the masculine side, the business side. The biggest difference is that Rebecca actually doesn’t mind if she upsets somebody. She will happily upset them in order to get the right outcome. Whereas, for me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I’ve had to make myself very, very confident within the role and project an air of untouchability as well. So I’ve had to do that on set. And that has been quite interesting to play because people are like, “We want to talk to her but we don’t; we don’t want to go up to her”. It’s just been quite funny. You do have to question yourself and I usually just play on set and don’t go home with those thoughts. That would be a bit strange.”

Are we in for a good time with this movie then?
“I hope so. This film will make you think about why you do what you do and how much we desire material things and what we sacrifice for them and maybe what we don’t; it’s about what wins in the end.”

– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2014 > TV Extra Magazine (UK) – February 2, 2014