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  M.   September 26, 2014

By Frances Kindon for MailOnline

She’s played a St Trinian’s school girl, a James Bond MI6 agent and the ill-fated heroine of Tess Of The D’Urbervilles.

And now Gemma Arterton has admitted she’s keen to branch out even further by playing an alien in long-running UK sci-fi series, Doctor Who.

Being interviewed by chat-show host Graham Norton, the 28-year-old revealed that there’s still one career goal that she’d like to kick.

Keeping on the theme of quirky confessions, the Kent-born beauty also opened up about her superstitious beliefs.

She said: ‘A psychic once told me she saw me singing on screen. She was almost there.

‘And I often find proper white feathers in bizarre places like a pocket or they fly past me, they are a good omen.’

Having lept to fame on the big screen in 2007, Gemma has been trying something new of late, performing in musical Made in Dagenham.

After treating the audience to a spontaneous rendition of one of her numbers, she gushed about how she’s finding life on the stage.

‘Everything about it is just wonderful. I always sang and always wanted to go in a musical but the right thing hadn’t come along. I wanted to do something original and never done before,’ she said.

‘It’s such a big commitment for me that it had to be the right thing. I’ve sung in films before but this is the first time in public.’

In terms of her Doctor Who dream, Gemma was in good company, with the star of the show himself – Peter Capaldi – sat next to her on the sofa.

The former The Thick Of It star opened up about how life has changed since he took on the iconic role.

‘I wake up in the morning and I’m Doctor Who, and when I go out to the shops and buy a pint of milk, I’m Doctor Who, everywhere I go I am The Doctor and everyone smiles at me – they are pleased to see Doctor Who, who’s far more exciting than I am,’ he said.

Hollywood legend Denzel Washington also chatted about his new movie, The Equalizer, which is based loosely on the original Edward Woodward TV series.

With his 60th birthday approaching in December, the action star said he’s still in fighting shape.

He said: ‘I’ve boxed for 20 years and I try to stay fit. I don’t worry about getting hurt, I’ve read the script and know I win the fight!

‘The stunt men make it safe, they take care of me.’

British singer-songwriter George Ezra rounded off proceedings, performing his new hit Blame It On Me.

Talking about his rapid rise to success, the 21-year-old said: ‘This time last year it was a rail card and a guitar.’

The Graham Norton Show, BBC One and BBC One HD, September 26 at 10.30pm.