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  M.   February 23, 2015

By Erin Donnelly

It’s hard to speak about The Voices without ruining it for everyone. All you really need to know about the indie black comedy — in theaters and on demand now — is that it stars Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick, and Gemma Arterton; was directed by Marjane Satrapi of Persepolis fame; and will no doubt make you squeal with laughter and shriek in horror, probably at the same time.

Arterton — the British beauty best known for playing Bond Girl Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace — provides much of the film’s comic relief as Fiona, the foxy office accountant that Reynolds’ loner Jerry can’t resist. When she’s not dodging dates with Jerry, the British bombshell is leading conga lines and doing what just about any of us would kill to do: sing karaoke with Anna Kendrick.

Arterton spoke to us about that scene, why Reynolds is a sweetheart, and why she thinks Idris Elba would make an excellent Bond.

There’s a scene in which you and Anna Kendrick sing karaoke. What was it like singing beside Ms. Pitch Perfect?
“That was a really fun scene to shoot. Originally I wanted to sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ because that’s what I always sing at karaoke, but they couldn’t get the rights. But, I think getting ‘Knock on Wood’ is pretty good. And, it was fun with Anna because we have such different physical types. She’s so tiny! She has such a great voice.”

British actors seem to be having a moment right now. Why do you think that is?
“We’ve got such great talent in the U.K., so it’s great that it’s being celebrated. British actors are quite adaptive, and can try on accents and things like that. [For this film] Fiona was originally meant to be French, but when [director] Marjane [Satrapi} met me, she said we had to make her British. Michael Perry, the writer, went back and wrote all this cliché British stuff for her to say. It was like a hyped-up Mary Poppins.”

What’s something people might not know about Ryan Reynolds?
“He is really funny. A lot of people went out for that role and wanted the part, but they knew immediately that he was perfect for it. He’s vulnerable but also funny. Ryan doesn’t have any airs or graces, and he’s the most down-to-earth Hollywood actor I’ve ever worked with. We went to this festival where he called ahead and asked what time I would arrive. He said he wanted to get there first. Normally actors want to be the last ones to show up, but he wanted to be there so he could welcome me. He’s such a gentleman.”

As a former Bond Girl, what do you make of the casting rumors circulating around Idris Elba?
“It’d be great to have a Black Bond. Idris Elba is a proper movie star, quite suave. And, I think it’d be good to really mix it up. That’s what was so great about casting Daniel [Craig]; it was a surprise because it wasn’t what you were expecting, but it worked so well.”