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  Nicole   July 15, 2016

South London. I grew up in Kent but I often visited my family in Brixton and Greenwich when I was a kid. They’re my happiest memories and I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn to living in south London.

Last play you saw?
Henry V at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, where my friend Michelle Terry is the lead. Playing a male warrior king is a huge part to take on as a woman, but she was brilliant.

Best thing a cab driver has said to you?
One asked me what I did, and I told him I was an actor. When I got out he said: ‘You’re a lovely girl. Mark my words, you’ll be in a Bond film one day.’

Favourite London designer?
Stella McCartney. Her clothes really suit me.

How do you stay in shape?
With vinyasa flow yoga classes at Good Vibes in Covent Garden. My teacher Nahid de Belgeonne is amazing.

Biggest extravagance?
Travel. If I’ve got any free time, I’ll hop on a plane to Europe. I will often invite friends and pay for them — spending money on something like that makes me happy.

Earliest London memory?
Going to summer parties in Brockwell Park or Ally Pally with my family. I remember seeing a Paul Daniels magic show at the Adelphi Theatre when I was about six. They got me up on stage, which is funny because I was back up there when I did Made in Dagenham last year.

Most romantic thing someone’s done for you?
Back in the day, one of my boyfriends bought a really nice bottle of Dom Pérignon, and we sat on the South Bank, drinking it out of the bottle and nibbling on a couple of little tubs of Tesco olives.

Favourite place to let your hair down?
When I was a student I’d go to Koko all the time or I’d end up in Fabric.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
My RADA teacher John Beschizza told me: ‘You’ve got incredible instincts, always listen to them. They will never be wrong.’

Best meal you’ve had in London?
A fancy breakfast at The Wolseley. I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, plus an almond-milk cappuccino — very middle class.

What’s in your beauty bag?
Neutrogena Lipcare lip balm; I apply it obsessively. I don’t like to wear much make-up, but when I do I shop at Nars counters. I love their blusher in Orgasm and their Radiant Creamy Concealer.

First thing you do when you arrive back home?
Dump my bags, go into the kitchen and open the fridge. I won’t have anything in there, but it’s force of habit!

Favourite London theatre?
The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. It’s a candlelit theatre and it’s beautiful – like a little jewellery box. (source)