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Filmography • 3 and Out
  • Cast Highlights:
  • Mackenzie Crook
  • Colm Meaney
  • Imelda Staunton
  • Character: Frankie
    Production Status: On DVD
    Release Date: April 25, 2008 (UK)
    Director: Jonathan Gershfield
    Writers: Steve Lewis, Tony Owen
    Genre: Comedy
    MPAA Rating: n/a

    Plot Outline:
    A fledgling underground train driver, who has already had two suicide jumpers, needs only one more death to be allowed to retire with full pension. This sets him on a mission to find someone will nothing to live for who will be the third victim. However, after meeting the suitable candidate, the pair begin to see a different outlook on life.

    Gemma’s Role:
    Frankie is 22, sexy, spirited and bright. She lives in the heart of the Lake District with her mum. Feeling trapped and restless, she longs to spread her wings and hit the bright lights of the big city.

    For her own part, Arterton enjoyed getting her teeth into the layered Frankie, with her distinctive red-streaked hair and punky fashion sense. “She’s quite feisty,” says the young actress, who studied YouTube videos of Coleen McLoughlin to help her nail the Scouse accent. “She’s angry with Paul at first because he brought her dad back home and she hates her dad – but as they get more and more drunk [in a pivotal scene shot in one of England’s oldest pubs], she seduces him a little bit.

    “Paul’s different. She hates being in this little town that she lives in. Nobody has any interest in anything she’s interested in. When she meets Paul, he’s quite funny in an intellectual way and he lives in London, which makes her think, ‘wow, you must be so cool’!’ Initially, she’s really angry with him, but then she softens.”

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    Cast and Crew Quotes:
    • “I’m glad that the Bond people agreed with me! (laughs) No, she’s fantastic. She comes from Kent, but she did a perfect Liverpudlian accent straight off at the audition, and she brought tears to your eyes.”
    – Jonathan Gershfield (Three And Out director)

    • “Frankie is so important. She’s not there to be decorative. She and Paul have a fling, or hopefully more than a fling, and it’s a life affirming and life changing moment for Paul. She makes a big impact on him partly because he’s a little bit of a recluse, and it’s through his friendship with Tommy and his love, or whatever you want to call it, for Tommy’s daughter that he becomes a much happier person.”
    – Jonathan Gershfield (Three And Out director)

    • “She’s not the new Bond girl – she’s the new Crook girl.”
    – Mackenzie Crook (Three And Out co-star)