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Filmography • Their Finest
  • Cast Highlights:
  • Sam Claflin
  • Jake Lacy
  • Jack Huston
  • Bill Nighy
  • Character: Catrin Cole
    Production Status: In theaters
    Release Date: April 21, 2017 (UK)
    Director: Lone Scherfig
    Writers: Gaby Chiappe (screenplay), Lissa Evans (novel)
    Genre: Comedy
    MPAA Rating: n/a

    Plot Outline:
    A romantic comedy with a difference set in the early 1940’s. Their Finest combines the quick-fire repartee of a screwball battle of the sexes infused with the reality of filmmaking under threat of invasion and London in the Blitz. A witty, warm-hearted and moving portrayal of a young woman screenwriter finding her way in matters of life, death and the heart.

    “Gaby Chiappe’s skilful adaptation of Lissa Evans’s brilliantly comic and moving wartime novel is a stunning film debut,” commented BBC Films’ head Christine Langan.

    Their Finest is a funny and touching romance with a great female lead role that is entertaining and emotional in equal measure,” added HanWay managing director Thorsten Schumacher.

    Gemma’s Role:
    Gemma Arterton plays Catrin Cole, junior copy-writer turned romantic dialogue specialist.

    With London emptied of men now fighting at the Front, Catrin Cole lands herself a job writing copy for propaganda films that need “a woman’s touch”. Her natural flair quickly gets her noticed by dashing movie producer Buckley (Sam Claflin) whose path would never have crossed hers in peacetime.

    With the country’s morale at stake, Catrin, Buckley and a colourful crew work furiously to make a film that will warm the hearts of the nation. As bombs are dropping all around them, Catrin discovers there is as much drama, comedy and passion behind the camera as there is onscreen.

    The movie sees Gemma play Welsh secretary Catrin Cole, hired to write the screenplay for a propaganda film starring an overly dramatic actor, played by Bill Nighy.

    Arterton loves the script’s uplifting message and its focus on the women who took over men’s jobs when they went to war.

    “This film is a lovely and warm story that is optimistic and gives you a sense of hope — and the world needs hope these days,” she says.

    “I also liked the fact that the film revolves around a female who’s a feminist without knowing it. Catrin’s very gentle and she’s living in a very sexist era, where women were far from being treated as equal. But she knows when to put her foot down to defend herself and not get pushed around.

    “There is a powerful message there, but it’s done in an indirect way rather than stamping your foot about it and being very outspoken. My character stands up for herself when she needs to and becomes very caught up in her job when she realises how important the work can be. She’s proud to be making a contribution and doing something that has value.”

    Lone Scherfid said in January 2017 at the Sundance Film Festival she was struck by how timely audiences were finding the film amid today’s political swirl: “People see something in it, because of what’s happened these last weeks, that gets a different kind of meaning,” she says. “Both the way the British fight for what they believe in and the whole propaganda thing — all that suddenly has a different value.” Indeed, an emerging tension between the truth and more convenient “alternative facts” plays a central role as the drama unfolds.

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