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  M.   September 03, 2014

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  M.   August 27, 2014

Gemma Arterton has named ‘Wuthering Heights‘ singer Kate Bush as the musical artist she’d most like to play in a movie.

The Tamara Drewe star told ITN that she would prefer not to play a living musician, fearing that they might not endorse her portrayal.

She said: “Kate Bush, maybe, in the future. There are a few people [I’d like to play], but they’re still living. I just think it’s weird playing someone who’s still alive. If they’re rock stars they can be quite scary, people like Courtney Love.

“I love Kate Bush and I reckon I could do a good Kate Bush impression but she’s still alive – good!”

On the prospect of starring in a musical biopic, the British actress commented: “I feel like I’m a rock star trapped in an actress’s body, I’m just rubbish, but luckily I might play a rock star one time. I don’t have to worry about writing music.”


  M.   August 22, 2014

The movie Made in Dagenham celebrates a real-life early fight for equal pay for women — “1968. It’s a man’s world. But not for long…” ran the strapline. But according to Gemma Arterton, who will soon be starring in Rupert Goold’s West End musical adaptation of the film, it’s not just women’s rights that still need to be fought for — it’s 2014 and the working classes are still getting a bum deal.

Arterton was at the BFI last night for a screening of the 2010 movie as part of the institute’s Screen Epiphanies series. The inspiring feminist film — based on the Dagenham women who went on strike at a Ford factory — also includes a scene in which the heroine, played by Sally Hawkins, is patronised by a teacher at her son’s school for coming from an estate. For Arterton, the Gravesend-born daughter of a cleaner and a welder, it was vital that the stage adaptation retained the same rousing social commentary.

“Working on this musical,” she explained, “it’s so easy to make working-class people seem stupid or rough or dirty. But they are not. They are dignified and ladylike. The bottom line is that this is about grounded, rooted women, with a real camaraderie, who stand up for what they think is right and change things.”

Having met the women whose real-life story inspired the film, Arterton says it only increased her frustration with how the working classes are often portrayed in the media. “They didn’t realise at the time how important what they were doing was,” she recalls. “One of them said to me, ‘It wasn’t until we went to the Cannes Film Festival with the film that we realised we were even feminists’.”


  M.   August 22, 2014

Gemma Arterton talks about Gemma Bovery and how she’s proud of her family’s working class roots.

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  M.   August 22, 2014

Gemma Arterton, the British sensation, talks about Gemma Bovery, reading Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and discussing it with Fabrice Luchini, her years at the RADA, her career, her passion for the theatre, growing up with an artistic, independent and free single mother, and how she started loving herself last year.

“I’ll never be a star. I’m a demi-star.”

“I started loving myself last year.”

Gemma Bovery sera présenté en avant-première au Festival du Film francophone d’Angoulême ce dimanche, en présence de toute l’équipe du film.

Gemma Bovery will be shown in avant-premiere at the French-speaking Film Festival of Angoulême this Sunday, August 24th, with the presence of the entire crew.

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  M.   August 09, 2014

Gemma Bovery will come out on September 18, 2014 in Switzerland.

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  Nicole   August 02, 2014

The hunky Luther actor has started filming alongside Gemma Arterton for a new drama called A Hundred Streets, which is about four people with interlocking stories that are all lived out within a square mile in London.

They play an estranged married couple with Elba taking the role of Max, a former rugby superstar whose life is unravelling on the celebrity circuit. Meanwhile, Arterton, plays Emma, who has a chance of sorting out Max’s life if she can get her own back on track in the film.

Described as a “layered and gripping drama”, the movie is said to have a nod towards Oscar-winning film Crash, which was released in 2006.

The pair were seen on set spending time with their on-screen daughter and son in a park in the capital, earlier on today.

Idris, who became a father for a second time to his son Winston in April, was dressed casually in a long sleeved dark green T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Meanwhile, his 28-year-old co-star looked sophisticated in a beige blazer which she teamed with a blue T-shirt.

The former Bond girl completed her look with jeans and opted for comfort in black quilted ballet pumps. (source)

Thanks to Claudia, several pics from the filming have been added to the gallery!

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