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  M.   November 20, 2011

By Adam Jacques

People always bring up movies I’m not proud of Sometimes I think, ‘Oh God,’ but in a way they serve a purpose; they allow me to go off and do other things. Loads of actors do it, and I have to remind myself of that.

Being on stage makes me feel alive With film, you’ve no control over the finished product – something I feel increasingly irritated by – but on stage, I have control over what I do, and it’s where I can really flourish.

Stephen Dillane is one of the best actors in the world I played opposite him in [an acclaimed stage production of Ibsen’s] Master Builder. It’s a fascinating play about a middle-aged architect [played by Dillane] and the ambiguous relationship I have with him. I’ve done plays where you think, ‘Urghh, God, I’ve got to do that scene again,’ but with [Dillane] I never got bored.

I have a terrible temper It’s because I’m a perfectionist, particularly when cooking. Once I made the perfect lemon meringue pie, from scratch, but one small thing went wrong and I threw the whole thing against the wall.

I like not knowing what my next job is I deal well with the uncertainty and relish the surprises. I couldn’t have been an actor without that [ability].

Always listen to your instincts I had an amazing acting teacher when I was studying and she said that instincts were always right. Whenever I haven’t listened to them, I’ve always regretted it, whether it’s looking at a piece of art I want to buy or reading a script.

Never put pressure on yourself to be something I was never really academic so if I hadn’t have been an actor I would have been an artist, I think.

I wish everyone could go to the [Amazon] rainforest and see the huge areas of deforestation After my trip there [promoting the World Wildlife Fund’s campaign to help save a billion trees] I got more conscientious. I don’t eat red meat now because lots of the rainforest is being destroyed to make way for cattle ranches. It’s a small thing but I believe it makes a difference.

Gemma Arterton, 25, is an English actor. Sky Rainforest Rescue’s ‘Amazon‘, featuring photographs from Gemma’s trip, runs until 4 December at London’s Somerset House. sky.com/rainforestrescue


  M.   November 19, 2011
  M.   November 06, 2011

By Emine Saner

Gemma Arterton used to be ‘the girl from the Bond film’, but three years on she has stopped feeling grateful and begun speaking out about her industry

The first film role Gemma Arterton played was Mickey Mouse. She was five, her younger sister, taking on the role of Donald Duck, was two, “and there’s this video of us, where we’re watching Mickey Mouse and I’m making my sister act it out with me. And I’ve really got it down! I used to do that stuff all the time, just copying.” Disney films were pretty much the only art in her childhood, she says. “My family was never cultural in that we never went to see plays, my mum wasn’t very into films.” It wasn’t until she was about 16 that she realised that acting could be a legitimate job. Read More

  M.   November 05, 2011

10 minutes with Gemma Arterton — The face of G Star Raw on toughening up for a fairy tale.

– Scans: ES Magazine (UK) – September 16, 2011, thanks to Lorna

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  M.   November 01, 2011

She’s an iconic figure in cinematic history and many a woman has dressed up as her over the years mostly for fancy dress.

But Gemma Arterton decided an exhibition highlighting the plight of the Amazonian rainforest would be the perfect time to show off Princess Leia look.

The actress looked just like the Star Wars heroine as she arrived at Somerset House in central London tonight for the Sky Rainforest Rescue Exhibition.

Gemma, 25, looked stunning in her long white halterneck dress with a gold chain that connected the waist to the back of the neck.
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  M.   October 27, 2011

The Art of Gemma — I’ve finally scanned and added to our gallery an Australian magazine that I’ve had for awhile.

– Scans: OK!USA (Australia) – May 3, 2010

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  M.   October 26, 2011

This November, witness the magnificent Amazon rainforest through the lens of two award-winning photographers – Sebastião Salgado and Per-Anders Pettersson. London’s Somerset House is hosting an inaugural exhibition at their new East Wing galleries in aid of Sky Rainforest Rescue, from 2 November to 4 December.

The free exhibition features unseen images of the Amazon’s pristine habitats, from Salgado’s photo essay, ‘Genesis’, while Pettersson’s images document a recent trip to Acre with actress Gemma Arterton. Together they highlight what’s at stake if we don’t take action to preserve this spectacular part of the world. Read More