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  Nicole   July 02, 2020

Hi there, it’s been a while! Of course, with everything that is happening, there isn’t much to update….but we have some news on Gemma’s new movie Summerland. Brand new production stills, posters and behind the scenes have been added to the gallery and the trailer for the movie can be watched below! Too bad there wont’ be a promotional tour for this movie….but at least you can enjoy the new additions!

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  Nicole   March 13, 2020

On Wednesday night (March 11) Gemma attended the ‘On Blueberry Hill’ Press Night After Party held at the Trafalgar Studios in London.

Several photos from the evening have now been added to the gallery, thanks to my friend Emily for some of them! Enjoy :)

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  Nicole   March 12, 2020

Back on Sunday (March 08) Gemma attended the UK Premiere of Radioactive, held at Curzon Mayfair in London.

Several photos from the premiere have now been added to the gallery, thanks to my friend Emily. Enjoy!

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  Nicole   February 21, 2020

Yesterday (February 20) Gemma attended the Prada show during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/2021 in Milan (Italy).

She looked really gorgeous! Few photos from the event have now been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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  Nicole   February 04, 2020

Back on Sunday (February 02) Gemma attended the British Vogue And Tiffany & Co. Fashion And Film Party held at Annabel’s in London.

Several photos from the evening have now been added to the gallery, enjoy!

  Nicole   February 04, 2020

Back on Saturday (February 01) Gemma attended the Charles Finch & CHANEL Pre-BAFTA Party held at at 5 Hertford Street in London.

For the occasion she wore a Chanel Spring 2020 figure-hugging buttoned corset top and culottes in a matching charcoal check pattern with a multi-strand pearl necklace that shimmered over her shoulders.

Several photos from the evening have now been added to the gallery, enjoy!

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  Nicole   December 04, 2019

HARPER’S BAZAAR UK – Gemma Arterton has just returned from finding God in Nepal. “I’ve been learning all about Christianity,” she tells me cheerfully, when we meet for coffee in the cosy Drawing Room of London’s Soho Hotel. Arterton is dressed casually in jeans, a soft black woollen jumper and a pair of chunky crocodile-effect boots, her skin so impossibly luminous that you wouldn’t for a moment image she has recently stepped off a long-haul flight from the Himalayas.

If it sounds as though she has gone all Eat, Pray, Love on us, that impression is swiftly dispelled. Arterton’s trip to Jomsom, a spectacularly scenic village in Nepal’s Mustang District, was to film Black Narcissus, a BBC TV adaptation of Rumer Godden’s 1939 novel about a group of Anglican nuns sent to the mountains to open a convent, and her interest in religion is purely academic. “I’ve been reading this amazing book about becoming a nun – you have to kind of shut yourself down and then start again in God’s vision,” she says. “My character, Sister Clodagh, has managed to close off her entire personality, and then when she gets to Nepal, the sheer beauty of the place opens her up again, and she unravels.”

Brought up in a down-to-earth, straight-talking family in Kent, Arterton herself has had no such crises of faith to contend with, though she acknowledges having some kind of ‘higher beliefs’. “I don’t have a religion, but I’m into spirituality,” she says. “I definitely like the idea there’s something else, and who knows what that is? I think I’d feel saddened to think this is it.” Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that her forthcoming projects deal with the tension between reality and something just beyond it. While Black Narcissus shows a woman falling apart in the face of her own spiritual doubt, Arterton’s newest film, the beautifully shot World War II drama Summerland, tells a rather more hopeful story of a reclusive writer, Alice, who becomes progressively more open-minded – and open-hearted – as the narrative progresses. “I do tend to get those parts now – the really cranky people who soften,” reflects Arterton.

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