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  M.   September 01, 2012

As always, respondents were asked to each name the three films they were most anticipating at TIFF, and to give a brief explanation why. Without further ado, here’s the buzz:


David Poland, editor/columnist/blogger, MovieCityNews.com

Byzantium: “Neil Jordan is a master filmmaker, Saoirse Ronan is coming of age, and Gemma Arterton has a gear we haven’t seen yet. Add vampirism and watch it explode.”



  M.   August 30, 2012

Discussing who he has most liked dressing, Jean Paul Gaultier reveals British actress Gemma Arterton has been amongst his most favourite.

He said: ”Gemma Arterton is fabulous. I met her at Elton John’s winter ball. She’s great and I loved the Stephen Frears movie she was in, ‘Tamara Drewe”.


  M.   August 25, 2012

25 August, 2012 | By Ian Sandwell

Screen takes a look at exclusive footage of Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, showcased during day two of FrightFest.

Not content with showing one piece of exclusive footage – the full-length SXSW trailer for horror anthology The ABCs Of Death – FrightFest day two also treated its audience to world exclusive footage of Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, set to premiere at Toronto next month.

Introducing the footage, writer Moira Buffini stated that the film goes “right back to the roots when vampires moved through society just like everyone else,” and prompted the biggest response by adding: “and they weren’t glittery”.

The highly promising footage showed Gemma Arterton as Clara Webb, towing a perfect line between alluring and dangerous, as she talks to her daughter’s teacher about her past. Flicking back to some gorgeously composed shots of Clara – including a striking one of her bathing under a waterfall running with blood – as she rescues her daughter (Saoirse Ronan) from danger, the footage ends with Clara sinking her teeth into the teacher as he now knew too much. Read More

  M.   August 21, 2012

Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Gemma Arterton, Emma Watson and Riz Ahmed are among the British stars jetting to the Toronto International Film Festival.

They will be representing the UK alongside filmmakers Mike Newell and Michael Winterbottom at the Canadian event, now in its 37th year.

Colin will be promoting his new film Arthur Newman, which also stars Emily Blunt, while Keira will be there for Joe Wright’s period drama Anna Karenina with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jude Law.

Gemma will attend the premiere of Neil Jordan’s sci-fi drama Byzantium with co-stars Saoirse Ronan and Sam Riley, former Harry Potter star Emma will talk about her role in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and Riz and co-star Kate Hudson will light up the red carpet for Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Mike is to unveil his adaptation of Great Expectations with leading men Jeremy Irvine and Ralph Fiennes, and Michael will show off his five-year-long drama Everyday.

The cream of Hollywood talent including Oscar winners Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Robert De Niro and Robert Redford will attend the ten-day festival, which runs from September 6 to the 16th.

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will open the festival with Rian Johnson’s Looper, and Paul Andrew Williams’ Song For Marion, starring Vanessa Redgrave, Terence Stamp and Gemma Arterton, closes the festival.

Others stars expected to attend include Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith and Selena Gomez.

Rappers Ice-T and Snoop Dogg – now known as Snoop Lion – are also on the attendees list.


  M.   August 14, 2012

The Toronto International Film Festival will end its 10-day gathering with the world premiere of Paul Andrew Williams’ feel-good movie “Song for Marion.”

Song for Marion” stars Gemma Arterton, Vanessa Redgrave and Terrence Stamp and centers on a curmudgeonly older man (Stamp) who is coaxed out of his shell by a young choir director.


North American rights have already been snapped up by the Weinstein Company, prompting speculation that the film’s closing night berth could be used as a springboard to Oscar success.


Song for Marion” Paul Andrew Williams, UK World Premiere
A feel-good, heart-warming story about how music can inspire you. Song for Marion stars Terence Stamp as Arthur, a grumpy pensioner who can’t understand why his wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) would want to embarrass herself singing silly songs with her unconventional local choir. But choir director Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton) sees something special in the reluctant Arthur and refuses to give up on him. As she coaxes him out of his shell, Arthur realizes that it is never too late to change.

  M.   August 10, 2012

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is Paramount Pictures’ upcoming dark take on the classic folktale. The story picks up where the old fairy tale left off: Years after the traumatic childhood incident with the witch’s gingerbread house in the woods, the two siblings have become bounty hunters who track down witches.

It was recently reported that Paramount was quietly test screening two different cuts of the film — a hard R-rated version and a sillier PG-13 one — to gauge audience reaction before settling on a final cut. Now word has come out that the film will definitively be released with an R-rating.


  M.   August 08, 2012

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters got a big knock back on the release schedule when Paramount moved the 3D fantasy-action film from March 2, 2012 to January 11, 2013. The movie stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as the eponymous characters who are all growed up and looking for a little payback against the witch community. In an interview last December, Arterton said the flick was “as much Pulp Fiction as fairy tale.” The studio has been test-screening the picture, and it seems like they’re not sure what they have on their hands. According to recent reports from IMDb users, the studio is showing two versions of the film: one is R-Rated and the other is PG-13, and the R-rated cut is getting the positive feedback.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters also stars Famke Janssen and Peter Stormare.

The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide recently came across a thread on IMDb where some users reported having attended various test screenings for the film (you signed an NDA, guys! You signed an NDAAAAAA!). According to RickCastle Writer:

I can’t say a lot because of agreements with the company, Overall I will say that I really enjoyed this one. It was different, violent, pretty funny- Sort of like Drive Angry 3D or Scott Pilgrim humor, and I thought everyone did well. It kind of felt like they nailed the ancient humor the way ‘Your Highness’ was supposed too but didn’t.

I went to the R-Rated version, I haven’t seen an PG-13 version and I didn’t even think they were cutting it up to be that, I hope they go back to the R Version because that was one hell of a fun movie. A PG-13 version would just ruin everything.

pyromaniac975 saw both versions:

The first one was definitely the Rated R version. Good humor, good action, great fight scenes, awesome dynamic between Renner and Arterton. I loved it so much the first time, I made a group of friends go to the second screening the next week. But the next week, they had heavily edited it and turned it into a PG-13 film.

If they keep it R, it’s gonna be great. Silly, but actiony and fun. If it’s PG13, it won’t be worth it. Let’s hope it’s an R rating.

Here’s a comment I didn’t expect:

“It was graphic and gory, I had to look away a couple of times because it was just gross.”

I haven’t seen either version so I’m not sure which cut would be better for the studio to see, but it sounds like the R-rated cut is the one that has gotten a far better response. If these responses turn out to be true, then Witch Hunters will definitely be on my radar. Then again, as user “douces” points out, why does a PG-13 cut eliminate the “Good humor, good action, great fight scenes, awesome dynamic between Renner and Arterton”? Hopefully, Paramount settles on a cut soon and we can get a look at this thing beyond the one image they released back in December 2011.