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  M.   February 08, 2011

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures is near a deal with Barney’s Version star Rosamund Pike to play the role of Andromeda in the Clash of the Titans sequel. Pike has been on the radar since the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day and has done a succession of indie films. Pike had been mentioned in speculative stories about who might get the lead in Zack Snyder-directed Superman films opposite Henry Cavill. Scratch her off the list, she’ll be busy in this Warner Bros film instead, which stars Sam Worthington and will be directed by Battle: Los Angeles helmer Jonathan Liebesman. Andromeda (played by Alexa Davalos in the original, who was unavailable for the sequel) is a major role and had the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned as possibles. She’s repped by UTA, Magnolia and United Agents.


Two former Bond girls in the Titans sequel can’t be a bad thing, right? ;)

  M.   February 08, 2011

Former X-Man and Bond girl Famke Janssen has reportedly joined the cast of Paramount’s Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

The Playlist broke the news of Jannsen’s casting in the flick, with Deadline claiming she’ll play “the leader of the witches.”

Tommy Wirkola directs the 3D Hansel & Gretel, which stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as adult versions of the eponymous fairy tale characters who, having survived their childhood ordeal, now serve as bounty hunters out to get witches.

  M.   February 02, 2011

Gemma Arterton turns 25 today!

  M.   February 02, 2011

Gemma Arterton has made a name for herself in the sword and sorcery epics Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia, and now she’s been named one of the Most Desirable Women by AskMen.com. Despite the woeful box office takes of those two films, Gemma was lauded by critics for her performance in the British film Tamara Drewe.

AskMen.com writes of the actress: “Now that she’s proven she can act [in Tamara Drewe], Arterton plans to anger the gods once again in the Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans. Let’s hope the gods go easy on her this time around.”

AskMen.com’s annual list of the Top 99 Women was published Tuesday, Feb. 1, and includes some of the hottest actresses, models and musicians working today. Blake Lively topped the 2011 list. She had a big 2010 with her hit show Gossip Girl and a critically-acclaimed performance in The Town. Check out AskMen.com’s full list of the 99 Most Desirable Women here.


  M.   January 20, 2011

Already into the 2011 New Year, the ‘Love and Other Drugs‘ star Anne Hathaway recently got her wish to be a guest star of the TV series ‘Glee‘ recently. It doesn’t stop there, as she’s now going to be in probably one of the biggest roles of her acting career. Hathaway was competing with the likes of Jessica Biel, Keira Knightley, Gemma Arterton, among others for a lead role in ‘Dark Knight Rises‘ and has won a spot in the film.

Warner Brothers has confirmed Anne Hathaway will play the role as Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and that Tom Hardy will play the role as Bane. There might be a love interest after all, as in discovered in the comics with Selina drawn to Bruce Wayne, but a enemy to Batman when roaming Gotham as the Catwoman. Read More

  M.   January 14, 2011

Joan Collins believes ‘Tamara Drewe‘ actress Gemma Arterton would be the perfect person to star as Alexis Carrington in a ‘Dynasty‘ movie.

Joan Collins wants Gemma Arterton and Chris Pine to star in a film version of ‘Dynasty‘.

The British legend – who starred as catty character Alexis Carrington in the original TV series in the 1980s – is unlikely to make a return as plans are to set the film in the 1960s, but hopes ‘Tamara Drewe‘ star Gemma would take on the role.

She said: “Gemma has all the qualities that Alexis needs. She’s sexy. She looks clever and she’s kind of vixenous.” Read More

  M.   January 14, 2011

Here is a short list of actresses up for consideration by Christopher Nolan for major female roles in The Dark Knight Rises.

THR is reporting that Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel are set to test for roles in the next two weeks. Relative newcomers Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley are also testing for a role. Gemma Arterton was also scheduled to test, but she has now been cast as the lead in Paramount’s Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and might now have scheduling issues. Read More