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  M.   October 07, 2010

– Scans from 2010: Flaunt (USA) – November 2010

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Gemma Arterton | Binding Truths
The London It-Girl Won’t Mince Words

A very amiable Gemma Arterton has just arrived and is disarmingly appraising my locket. “Beautiful,” she says, sitting down to order a coffee. We are in a French café on the King’s Road in London and the 24-year-old is early. Surprising for an actress, no? “Actually, I’ve just walked my husband to work,” she smiles. “He’s a sales manager at a fashion company near here.” In a beige t-shirt and black harem pants, but without a scrap of make-up, Arterton’s look is more fashionable London media-type than Hollywood starlet. Read More

  M.   October 19, 2008

From working-class drama student to new Bond girl, Gemma Arterton has enjoyed a remarkable rise in fortunes. She talks to Andrea Hale about ‘the best job ever’ in the latest 007 blockbuster, kissing with confidence and Daniel Craig’s ‘phwoar factor’

EVERYONE gets a few butterflies on their first day in a new job, but for Bond girl Gemma Arterton, the experience was especially intense. “When I saw Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, I was just like: ‘Phwoar!'” says the 22-year-old. “I went to see it last year and thought it was fantastic. I remember thinking: ‘Well, I never thought I’d end up acting with that person coming out the water in their trunks, let alone giving them a kiss.’ Read More

  M.   October 18, 2008

Gemma Arterton graduated from St Trinian’s to star as Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Now she’s playing opposite Daniel Craig in the new Bond film. Is this the start of global domination for the girl from Gravesend?

The moment Gemma Arterton heard she’d be the new Bond girl is ingrained on her mind for ever. She was on a boat, just off the coast of Gibraltar, filming the comedy Three and Out with Mackenzie Crook. Dressed in full scuba-diving gear – what else would a prospective Bond girl be wearing? – Arterton answered her mobile phone to her agent, who immediately began humming the James Bond theme down the line; the role of Agent Fields in the 22nd 007 film, Quantum of Solace, was hers. So moved was Crook, he shed a tear for his co-star and uttered, “This is such a big moment in your life.” Read More

  Riikka   September 26, 2008

I have made DVD screencaps of Gemma’s role as Frankie in Three and Out, which was recently released on DVD in the UK. I think Gemma is just wonderful in this role and she gets to be both funny and heartbreaking. And her look is super cute! The film is well worth a look just for her, even though her role is smaller than I expected.

Three and Out: DVD Screencaptures
Three and Out: DVD Screencaptures – Making Of
Three and Out: DVD Screencaptures – Alternative Credits
Three and Out: DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scenes
Three and Out: DVD Screencaptures – DVD Menus
Three and Out: Trailer Captures #02

  M.   September 16, 2008

Three and Out was released on DVD in the UK yesterday and DVD Times made a very complete review of the DVD transfer, bonus features, video and audio quality.

  M.   August 25, 2008

Beautiful and damned: on the set of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Gemma is shown on the cover of the Telegraph Magazine with co-star Eddie Redmayne, who plays Angel Clare.

– Magazine Scans: Telegraph Magazine (UK) – August 23, 2008, thanks to Lorna

  Riikka   June 18, 2008

Gemma Arterton’s newest flick Three and Out will be released on DVD in the UK on September 15, 2008, and can be pre-ordered at Play.com for a decent £10.99 (free delivery). We will have screencaps of Gemma’s role as soon as it is out.