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  M.   October 07, 2008

After being seen as dowdy Tess of the D’Urbevilles over the weekend, Gemma showed a far sexier side when she arrived at a London party to mark the end of author Ian Fleming’s centenary year.

The 22-year-old showed off her curvaceous figure in a stunning gold dress.

Her outfit was a far cry from the dowdy clothes her character Tess wears in the BBC adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel.

An entire host of Bond stars turned out to the event on Sunday to pay tribute to Bond author Fleming, including former 007 star Roger Moore and the current Bond, Daniel Craig. Read More

  M.   October 05, 2008

Casino Royale was a hugely successful return to a darker, grittier Bond in tune with Ian Fleming’s original vision.

Its sequel is even more of a throwback Read More

  M.   October 05, 2008

‘Kissing Daniel was great – I can’t pretend that it wasn’t,’ Gemma Arterton talks about falling for 007’s charms

Gemma Arterton: ‘Kissing Daniel was great – I can’t pretend it wasn’t. It was my first day on set and I’d only met him once before – and then suddenly we were expected to kiss. But I just couldn’t get that image of him walking out of the sea in Casino Royale out of my head. He was very cool and I was a giggling mess. I mumbled something like, “I just kissed you!” and he just coolly said, “Yes, you did. And now we have to do it again.” Fortunately, he’s an incredible kisser.’

Daniel Craig: ‘Gemma’s character is great and she plays it to the hilt. She’s an agent who seems clueless, but she’s smarter than we first think. Read More

  M.   October 04, 2008

It’s not unusual for Bond Girls to be bumped off in bizarre ways…but none has met a stickier end than this.

In the new 007 movie Quantum Of Solace, Gemma Arterton’s character is Read More

  M.   October 03, 2008

Gemma reveals her iconic scene in Quantum of Solace and talks about RocknRolla.

Thanks to Lorna for her fabulous help!

– Magazine Scans: Total Film (UK) – November 2008

  M.   September 30, 2008

New Bond girl Gemma Arterton is worried her feisty character in the forthcoming 007 movie Quantum of Solace will fail to turn on red-blooded male fans – because she is so normal.
The British actress wanted to break the tried-and-tested Bond girl mould by playing a down-to-earth love interest in Daniel Craig’s second outing as the suave secret agent.
However, despite Arterton insisting her character in the movie isn’t “hot”, she believes she has a certain humble charm that will interest most men.
She says, “There is a formula to Bond women. They’re his women. You just have to make them your own in any way you can.
“To the normal guy, they’re unobtainable but I didn’t want that. I wanted my character to be a girl from down the road who does this job – we don’t know exactly what she does but she goes to work every day – and comes back and she goes down the pub at the weekend and has a drink.”
She adds, “At first you might think she was a bit of a snooty bitch but she’s actually quite nice when you get to know her. I wanted to make her real. She’s not hot but I hope there’s a charm to her.”

Source: contactmusic.com

  M.   September 27, 2008

London, Sep 27 (IANS) British actress Gemma Arterton has revealed that she had a very unpleasant time when James Bond star Daniel Craig rubbed oil on her back in a scene for the latest Bond movie “Quantum of Solace”.According to thesun.co.uk, 22-year-old Gemma stars as agent Field and got a sensual massage for a scene in the movie.

Gemma said: “I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe properly. I couldn’t even hear because all the oil went in my ears. It was pretty unpleasant but hopefully it will be an iconic part of the film.”

Source: Thaindian News