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  M.   February 04, 2013

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  M.   February 03, 2013

Gemma Arterton

Arterton’s breakthrough role was in Brit comedy St Trinian’s. She was then cast as Bond girl Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace and nominated as a Bafta Rising Star in 2011.

Her forthcoming films include Song for Marion and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

‘I was, dare I say it, nonplussed when I became a Bond girl. I was thrilled, obviously, but there have been other jobs that have got me quietly screaming “Oh my God!” Later I remember being in total shock, and thinking, “Actually, this is going to change my life.”

‘I’ve written a list of directors, actors and producers I want to work with, because I think writing it down might help to make it come true. Director Andrea Arnold is one. She’s from the same part of Kent as me and makes the kind of films I’d like to do myself if I were to direct.

‘The hardest scene I’ve ever shot was bathing in a waterfall of blood. It was for a film that hasn’t been released yet, Byzantium. It was freezing and I was in this flimsy dress – I could only be under the waterfall for seven seconds before I went into shock. They had dyed the waterfall red and it was pouring down on my head. I thought, “I’m going to freeze to death.”

‘When I was nominated for a Bafta all my mates asked me, “What will you do if you don’t get it?”

‘I said, “I’ll do this – look straight at the camera and just mouth F***!” I’d love it if somebody did do that. You’re so nervous when they announce the result, and the camera is on you and you’re smiling in anticipation, and then you don’t get it – and you have to keep your smile going for ages.’

BEST FILMSilver Linings Playbook (three nominations) and Amour (four nominations). Amour was beautiful, while SLP was a perfect film; all the elements worked for me.’


  Nicole   January 22, 2013

Gemma Arterton is poised for a career milestone: a top-of-the-marquee role as one-half of the titular storybook siblings in the big budget 3D action flick “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” opening Friday.

The high-concept movie picks up where the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale left off, with Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (Arterton) having turned their childhood victory over the witch who tried to eat them into a full time vocation.

Fifteen years later, they’re bounty hunters specializing in eradicating child-abducting sorceresses. Their winning streak, though, is jeopardized when they go up against the most evil and powerful witch of all.

Getting the chance to do some butt-kicking has been a fairy tale come true, so to speak, for Arterton, whose action resume to date has been a murdered Bond Girl in 2008’s “Quantum of Solace,” a brooding princess in 2010’s “Prince of Persia” and divine eye candy in the 2010 remake of “Clash of the Titans.”

“Usually you are the girlfriend or the love interest or the damsel in distress or whatever, which is fine,” says Arterton. “But being part of a bother-sister dynamic (in “Hansel and Gretel”) meant we were both the heroes, and I didn’t have to do any of that shmooshy stuff, like crying or going, ‘Help me, help me!’”

Though Arterton didn’t have an action-packed pedigree that Renner boasts, director Tommy Wirkola says he knew exactly whom he wanted to play Gretel when he watched her in the 2009 thriller “The Disappearance of Alice Creed.”

“I knew straight away that she was the one,” Wirkola states. “Gemma shares what some might call my sick sense of humor, so we got along great. She gave Gretel the edge and the toughness that the character needed.”

But the English actress nearly missed her chance to break into the business.

On the most important day of her first 17 years — her third and final audition for London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art — Arterton came down with food poisoning.

For the daughter of a welder and a housecleaner from the unglamorous British town of Gravesend, acting already seemed like a longshot. Arterton had worked hard on practicing for her audition piece, a soliloquy as Hermione from Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale.”

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  M.   December 08, 2012

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– Scans From 2012: Clippings From 2012

  M.   October 19, 2012

Gemma Arterton has said she would be happy to be called a Bond girl for the rest of her life.

The 26-year-old actress looked sultry on the red carpet in a daring, black Prada jacket, worn as a dress, at the gala screening of her new film Song For Marion at the London Film Festival in Leicester Square.

Arterton played Bond girl Strawberry Fields opposite Daniel Craig in the last film Quantum Of Solace.

She said: “As long as I’m a girl when I’m 78 as well, I’ll be very chuffed about that. I’ve always seen it as such an honour.

“There’s not many people in the world who can say they are, or have been, a Bond girl, so especially this year [the 50th anniversary of the Bond films], you realise what an amazing thing it is, and worldwide. You don’t think many countries know about Bond but they do.

“It’s huge and it’s great to part of something like that.”

Arterton plays a choir master in Song For Marion, the new film from London to Brighton‘s Paul Andrew Williams, about a grumpy old man, played by Terence Stamp who joins his local choir after his wife (Vanessa Redgrave) is stricken with cancer.

Arterton was in her element in the role.

She explained: “I’m a trained singer. That was what I started doing, and then I got into acting by accident. So for me anything to do with music is always going to interest me more than anything else.

“I don’t do as much singing as you’d think in this film, I’m conducting a lot. But it’s great because it was just music all the time, and all these great songs, and it was just such a fun shoot for those reasons.”


  M.   October 19, 2012

Former Bond girl Gemma Arterton gives ITN her top tips to making it as a lady with James Bond.

Gemma Arterton's top tips to being a Bond girl por itnentertainment

  M.   October 08, 2012

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of James Bond and the 23rd movie Skyfall, Aston Martin Kuwait is bringing Gemma Arterton to the VIP movie avant premiere set on 26 / 10 /2012.

Gemma has already appeared in the Bond movie Quantum of Solace back in 2008, but is best known for her roles in Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia – despite her smashing beauty, Gemma was born with extra fingers and had surgery to correct this condition, known as polydactyly.

The event and exhibition will open to the public on the 27th of October till the 3rd of November – Aston Martin’s Bond cars will be exhibited at the oum Kalthoum Hall.