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  M.   May 17, 2013

The thriller is ‘a continuation’ of Jordan’s earlier Interview with the Vampire

Source: The List
Date: 17 May 2013
Written by: James Mottram

Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire arguably kickstarted the current trend for bloodsuckers. James Mottram speaks to him about returning to the genre for his new flick Byzantium.

‘There have been too many vampire films lately,’ laughs Neil Jordan, perched on a chair in London’s Soho Hotel. You might say the director of Interview With the Vampire only has himself to blame. Without his 1994 take on Anne Rice’s novel, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, there’d arguably be no Twilight. And while that series is now thankfully at an end, with a sixth season of True Blood and Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive on the way, our thirst for these blood-sucking characters seems unquenched. Read More

  M.   May 17, 2013

Episode 4.20 – Gemma Arterton, Lee Evans, Philip Glenister, Marc Warren, Max Beesley

Jonathan welcomes former Bond girl Gemma Arterton, the hugely popular comedian Lee Evans and actors Philip Glenister, Marc Warren and Max Beesley, who discuss the new third series of their hit drama Mad Dogs. Alternative rock legends Primal Scream also perform live.

Date: Sat 18th May 2013
Time: 9:45pm
Channel: ITV
Length: 60 minutes

  Nicole   May 17, 2013

Added in the gallery several new great production stills and promotional images from the upcoming Byzantium!

Movies & Television > Byzantium (2013) > Promotional Images
Movies & Television > Byzantium (2013) > Production Stills

  M.   May 16, 2013

After his successful sojourn in television with The Borgias, Neil Jordan explains how he was drawn back to film by Byzantium, a contemporary vampire story that revisits some of the director’s characteristic themes and breathes new life into an overexposed genre.

Byzantium (2013) > Related Clippings > Sight & Sound (UK) – June 2013

  M.   May 15, 2013

Byzantium (2013) > Trailer #2

  M.   May 13, 2013

Thanks to Chuckie.

– Scans from 2013 > Observer: The New Review (UK) – May 12, 2013
– Scans from 2013 > Clippings – Daily Express (UK) – May 6, 2013

The English actress on going clubbing with her mum, her new role in a ‘neo-feminist vampire movie’ and why she has no regrets about playing Bond girl Strawberry Fields

By Tim Lewis

The first time we see Gemma Arterton in her new film, Byzantium, she is biting off the nose of a lecherous punter in a lap-dancing club. Soon after, dressed in a stripper’s outfit and running shoes, she shows a good turn of speed for a 200-year-old soucouyant and then garottes another man with cheese wire. Byzantium is a vampire film, but we already know it’s altogether darker, sexier and more gleeful than some recent incarnations of the genre. At the heart of the action are Clara (Arterton) and her daughter, Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan), and their battle against an all-male cabal that wants to hunt them down.

The 27-year-old Arterton has always been drawn to the weird and eclectic – the film that made her want to become an actress was Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark – but that has not stopped the girl from Gravesend being wooed by Hollywood. Popcorn-friendly roles in Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia have been interspersed with smart, subversive turns in The Disappearance of Alice Creed and Tamara Drewe. On the phone from Berlin, we spoke about big and little films, clubbing in your 50s and the secret of a perfect lemon meringue pie.

What are you doing in Berlin?
I’m shooting a film called The Voices directed by Marjane Satrapi, who is brilliant. She’s a graphic novelist who did a book and film called Persepolis. I’ve never had such a good feeling with a director – she’s incredible and I’m really happy because I know we’re making good stuff. Read More

  M.   May 13, 2013

By Liz Hoggard | Yahoo UK Movies News

British actress Gemma Arterton has told ‘The Observer’ newspaper that she loved tracking down her character’s wardrobe for Neil Jordan’s new film ‘Byzantium‘ in Soho sex shops.

“We wanted the clothing that she wore to be part of her kit, part of her killing kit, so everything was very conscious. The costume designer, Consolata Boyle, is very put together and sensible and it was fun going to these shops with her and her looking at the fabric quality and the seams. These clothes were so disgusting, but she’d go: “Ooh, it’s very beautiful, this colour.” Read More