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  M.   October 13, 2013

Our friend and often contributor Stef has recently opened a site dedicated to Tom Mison who currently plays Ichabod Crane in the new TV series Sleepy Hollow. Gemma and Tom co-starred in Lost in Austen in 2008.

Please visit TOM MISON ONLINE to get to know Tom and his work better!

  M.   July 26, 2012

Lost in Austen (2008) > Production Stills

  M.   October 11, 2011

Though Hollywood is not in danger of losing its love for period dramas any time soon, there’s often a push these days to give it a bit of a twist. Thank heavens, then, that Nora Ephron and Sony have, of all places, ITV to turn to for a new project. Because the writer/director is now busy adapting 2008 miniseries Lost in Austen for the big screen.

The series – written by Guy Andrews – followed Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper), a lifelong Jane Austen fan who finds her mundane London reality suddenly swapping places with her favourite author’s storyline from Pride and Prejudice. After discovering that a small door in her flat leads to Elizabeth Bennet (Gemma Arterton)’s world, the two women trade places, only to find that the switch makes things more complicated for both of them.

Naturally, Ephron plans to switch the setting to New York, but with Sam Mendes on board as a producer, we’ll be hoping it maintains the requisite decorum. There’s no word on when it’ll get started, but Ephron will be behind the camera as usual. The film may find itself overlapping a bit with the similarly themed Austenland, wherein Keri Russell plays a modern girl given tickets to an Austen-style immersive holiday, complete with Mr Darcy type (JJ Feild). That’s directed by Jerusha Hess, and based on Shannon Hale’s novel.
James White


  M.   May 23, 2009

Lost in Austen and Tess of the D’Urbervilles are up for Best Drama and Gemma for Best Actress at the TV Choice and TV Quick Awards 2009 – go vote here! ;)
(It’s a quick poll, you can skip categories if you don’t want to vote in them.)

  M.   April 26, 2009

A scan from FHM’s Sexiest List – unfortunately not a new pic, but better than nothing. ;) And 11 gorgeous new Production Stills from Lost in Austen! :)

– Scans: Clippings From 2009
Lost in Austen: Production Stills

  M.   March 17, 2009

We thank Cath for letting us know about these fabulous new photos from Gemma’s 2008 Daily Mail photoshoot. What we didn’t know before is that apparently it was a shoot taken to promote Lost in Austen because it also features actress Jemima Rooper. Enjoy! :)

– Photoshoots: Daily Mail (2008)

  Mycah   October 26, 2008

Captures from the final Lost in Austen episode have been added to the gallery. This one aired on September 24th and featured quite a bit of adorable Gemma!


Lost in Austen (2008) : Episode 4 (September 25, 2008)