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  Nicole   February 06, 2015

The Duchess of Malfi comes to cinemas

Shakespeare’s Globe’s production of The Duchess of Malfi starring Gemma Arterton will be broadcast to cinemas on February 26.

The production is the first in the new season from Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen, which is now in its fifth year.

Dominic Dromgoole directed the production, which has designs by Jonathan Fensom and music by Claire van Kampen.

Mark Foster, chief executive of distributor Arts Alliance, said: “Authentically capturing the unique candlelit setting of this production of The Duchess of Malfi on film is an incredible achievement and a stunning opening to the new season.”

The season also includes Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra and Titus Andronicus and The Comedy of Errors, which were all part of the 2014 season at Shakespeare’s Globe. (source)

  M.   May 16, 2014

Confirmed for BBC Four on 25 May at 8.00pm to 10.30pm

BBC Four presents the TV premiere of the critically acclaimed production of John Webster’s macabre revenge tragedy The Duchess Of Malfi, following its sell-out run at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre earlier this year.

Gemma Arterton takes the title role as the widowed Duchess of Malfi who longs to marry her lover Antonio, played by Alex Waldmann. But her brothers, Ferdinand (David Dawson) and the Cardinal (James Garnon), are determined to prevent the union. When their spy, Bosola (Sean Gilder), discovers the Duchess has already married Antonio and is pregnant with his child, they set out to exact their revenge – with horrifying and bloody consequences.

For the BBC Four audience, Andrew Marr introduces the play from the Playhouse itself, an exquisitely recreated Jacobean theatre giving a sense of what it was like to be in the audience when the play was first publicly staged in 1614. Everything is as it was 400 years ago – the audience cocooned in a wooden chamber made of pale oak, and the stage lit solely by hundreds of candles. BBC Arts takes audiences to the heart of this extraordinary performance as the curtain draws back and the play unfolds in a bloody and downright ghoulish chain of events.


  M.   January 30, 2014

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  M.   January 28, 2014

Thanks to Chuckie for the scans.

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  M.   January 24, 2014

Tech Week & Previews

“I’m really proud of it. I think it’s such a bizarre play. And I think this space really serves it in its most true sense.”
In her third interview, Gemma discusses the play now performances have begun, performing in front of an audience in the new space, and getting used to wearing a ruff.

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  Nicole   January 16, 2014

Fourteen years after the opening of Shakespeare’s Globe, the vision of its founder has been fully realised.

The thatched amphitheatre on London’s South Bank now stands cheek by jowl with a brand new, old theatre: the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

This second theatre is designed to replicate the indoor playhouses of the early 17th Century.

The theatre holds 340 people with two tiers of galleried seating and an historically accurate pit seating area. The first programmed season opens officially on January 15 with The Duchess of Malfi

The play is performed entirely by candlelight as the reconstruction architect John Greenfield explains. (source)

Click on the pic for the video
Duchess of Malfi

  M.   January 16, 2014

Gemma Arterton on Hollywood and acting by candlelight

15 January 2014

Actress Gemma Arterton is playing the title role in The Duchess of Malfi, the macabre, tragic play written by the English dramatist John Webster in 1612.

The play is being performed entirely by candlelight at the Globe in London within the second theatre, which has been designed to replicate the indoor playhouses of the early 17th Century.

The BBC’s Brenda Emmanus caught up with Arterton to talk about the play and why she does not think she is the perfect fit for Hollywood.

Duchess of Malfi Interview