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  M.   April 16, 2013

Here’s the scan from the Mail On Sunday about backstage photos from stars taken by Simon Annand that we posted about yesterday.

Thanks to Chuckie.

– Scans from 2013 > Mail On Sunday: Event (UK) – April 14, 2013

  M.   April 14, 2013

There are no seconds takes in live theatre. So how do our hottest actors handle the final minutes before the curtain goes up?
Photographer Simon Annand tells the stories behind his remarkable pictures of the stars backstage. (Source)

GEMMA ARTERTON, 2010, The Master Builder, Almeida Theatre. ‘She’s completely in her own world, listening to her iPod. We didn’t speak at all. Part of her preparation for this Ibsen play was to lie on her back on the floor’.

Image taken from a forthcoming book by Simon Annand.

His previous work, ‘The Half: Photographs of Actors Preparing for the Stage,’ is published by Faber & Faber, price £25

– Stage > The Master Builder (2010) > Related Clippings > Backstage.

  M.   February 02, 2013

And, yes, Gemma Arterton’s birthday is indeed today and we have proof. ;) So, please read our post in full before questioning us! :)

– Scans from 2013 > Scotsman Magazine (UK) – February 2, 2013, thanks to Chuckie.

  M.   November 20, 2011

By Adam Jacques

People always bring up movies I’m not proud of Sometimes I think, ‘Oh God,’ but in a way they serve a purpose; they allow me to go off and do other things. Loads of actors do it, and I have to remind myself of that.

Being on stage makes me feel alive With film, you’ve no control over the finished product – something I feel increasingly irritated by – but on stage, I have control over what I do, and it’s where I can really flourish.

Stephen Dillane is one of the best actors in the world I played opposite him in [an acclaimed stage production of Ibsen’s] Master Builder. It’s a fascinating play about a middle-aged architect [played by Dillane] and the ambiguous relationship I have with him. I’ve done plays where you think, ‘Urghh, God, I’ve got to do that scene again,’ but with [Dillane] I never got bored.

I have a terrible temper It’s because I’m a perfectionist, particularly when cooking. Once I made the perfect lemon meringue pie, from scratch, but one small thing went wrong and I threw the whole thing against the wall.

I like not knowing what my next job is I deal well with the uncertainty and relish the surprises. I couldn’t have been an actor without that [ability].

Always listen to your instincts I had an amazing acting teacher when I was studying and she said that instincts were always right. Whenever I haven’t listened to them, I’ve always regretted it, whether it’s looking at a piece of art I want to buy or reading a script.

Never put pressure on yourself to be something I was never really academic so if I hadn’t have been an actor I would have been an artist, I think.

I wish everyone could go to the [Amazon] rainforest and see the huge areas of deforestation After my trip there [promoting the World Wildlife Fund’s campaign to help save a billion trees] I got more conscientious. I don’t eat red meat now because lots of the rainforest is being destroyed to make way for cattle ranches. It’s a small thing but I believe it makes a difference.

Gemma Arterton, 25, is an English actor. Sky Rainforest Rescue’s ‘Amazon‘, featuring photographs from Gemma’s trip, runs until 4 December at London’s Somerset House. sky.com/rainforestrescue


  M.   October 20, 2011

Jude Law is to go head-to-head with Kevin Spacey, Ralph Fiennes and Benedict Cumberbatch for the Best Actor prize at this year’s London Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

The Alfie star has been named as a contender for the coveted title for his role in Anna Christie, while Spacey’s turn in Richard III and Fiennes’ efforts in The Tempest are also in the running for the award.

Other stars set to battle it out with the actors include British funnyman James Corden (One Man, Two Guvnors), Dominic West (Butley) and Jonny Lee Miller (Frankenstein).

Elsewhere, former Bond girl Gemma Arterton leads the Best Actress Category for The Master Builder, alongside Kristin Scott Thomas (Betrayal), Imelda Staunton (A Delicate Balance) and Sheridan Smith (Flare Path).

Danny Boyle, Sam Mendes and Mike Leigh are on the list for Best Director. The winners will be announced at a ceremony, to be held at London’s Savoy Hotel on 20 November (11).

A shortlist of the potential winners will be released on 7 November (11).

  M.   June 09, 2011

Glamour Women of the Year – Film Actress Gemma Arterton. You’ve fallen for Gemma Arterton’s talent, and Hollywood’s pretty keen, too. Some actors wait their entire career to accumulate the diverse range of roles that Gemma has already notched up. Congrats, Gemma! :)

– Scans: Glamour (UK) – July 2011, thanks to Lorna
– Scans: Metro (UK) – June 8, 2011, thanks to Lorna

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  M.   March 28, 2011

Big thanks to Lorna and Elmira.

– Scans > Sunday Telegraph Seven (UK) – March 27, 2011
– Scans > Empire (Russia) – February 2011
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