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  M.   September 15, 2008

I’ve just added 23 new scans concerning Tess of the D’Urbervilles and, of course, the actress behind the series. A huge thank you goes out to the ever wonderful Lorna! :) Please click here to view our most recent scans uploads. And enjoy! ;)

  M.   September 15, 2008

Although times have changed in the 117 years since Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles first emerged, the novel’s central social message still rings true: chaos and confoundment will ensue whenever the dung-coated lower orders develop ideas above their station.

And so alas, the tragic Mummersetshire histoire of poor young Tess Durbeyfield unfolded across assorted scenic real-life locations in the first of the sumptuous dramatisation’s four parts. Mangle my dear old wurzle: such sadness in a common girl’s aspiration.

For Tess’s ruinous delusion is that she’s more than a lowly country hoyden. She imagines she can master the reading of books and become a teacher – an outrageous conceit. Read More

  M.   September 14, 2008

The BBC has taken a look at one of the locations that was used for filming the costume drama Tess of the D’Urbervilles. You can view it here.

And, yes, we know we’re starting to sound like a broken record, but here’s our last reminder: Tess premieres on BBC1, tonight September 14, at 9pm. The three of us are really excited!

Your reviews, comments, impressions, scans and other inputs will be happily received.

  M.   September 13, 2008

As a new version of Tess of the D’Urbervilles hits our screens, its producers and star Ruth Jones tell Serena Davies about the show’s ‘what if?’ factor and how the BBC added a freshness to the story

Tess of the D’Urbervilles has what Gavin & Stacey’s Ruth Jones, corseted and barely recognisable as Tess’s mother in BBC1’s new four-part adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s tale, calls the ‘what if? factor’. What if the trusting country girl Tess Durbeyfield had never gone to ‘claim kin’ with Alec D’Urberville, the rich imposter who pretended her ancient family name was his own – and then raped her? What if Tess had never told her true love, Angel Clare, of that rape? What if the priggish Angel had forgiven Tess a little sooner for this sin that was never hers in the first place – and thus pre-empted the calamity that befell her? Read More

  M.   September 13, 2008

When the opening credits roll on the BBC’s new production of Thomas Hardy’s Tess Of The D’Urbervilles, they will herald one of the most incredible dramas of all time.

It is a story of passion, loss and the battle for survival against the odds. Not the script for Tess’s tragic life but the extraordinary real-life events that threatened to make Tess the first ever costume drama without any costumes.

A devastating fire four weeks into filming destroyed 750 period costumes, worth an eyewatering £320,000. Crucially, it left major actors with only the outfits they had worn in the previous day’s scenes.

With no time spare to delay filming, costume designer James Keast had just 24 hours to replace the costumes.

What followed was a series of remarkable makeshift measures, culminating in one major star wearing a shirt fashioned from James’s own duvet cover. Read More

  M.   September 12, 2008

Andy Welch talks to the newest Bond girl about playing Thomas Hardy’s eponymous heroine and the differences between period drama and Hollywood blockbusters

Despite spending the last few months in some of the world’s most glamorous locations filming one of the year’s most anticipated films, Gemma Arterton still describes filming Tess Of The D’Urbervilles as the best time of her life.

When you consider the amount of time she spent during shooting of the forthcoming Bond film getting up close and personal with buff leading man Daniel Craig, that praise seems even more startling.

“I loved every minute of it,” says Gemma, Read More

  M.   September 11, 2008

Gemma Arterton romps with 007 in the new James Bond but now she’s gearing up for the ultimate Tess.

She told TV Land that playing the lead in Tess of the D’Urbervilles is “the highlight of my career so far”. And having seen the first episode, starting Sunday night on BBC1, I have to agree.

“When I found out I’d got the part, I was ecstatic,” she says. “I never thought I’d get to play a leading role in a period drama at the BBC.”

And to make matters even more magical, she got to film at Stonehenge.

Gemma recalls: “We were overcome just thinking, ‘Wow this is where Thomas Hardy imagined the scene to take place.’ When you walk in, there’s something spooky about it.”

Less magical was filming a rape scene.

But Gemma says: “I’m not the sort who takes it with them. I’d be in a bleak scene all day and come out talking about shoes!”

Well Gemma, that’s certainly no mean feat.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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