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  M.   June 26, 2014

By Alice Jones

Move over, the Cusacks, there’s a new sister act in town. And between them they look to have the future of British musicals sewn up. This weekend Hannah Arterton makes her film debut in Walking on Sunshine, a sunny, 1980s-pop-soaked musical that is aiming to be this summer’s Mamma Mia!. It will be followed in the autumn by Made in Dagenham, a big-budget West End show from the people behind Jerry Springer: The Opera and Enron, which will star Gemma Arterton.

At 25, Hannah is the younger sister by three years. Blonde hair aside, there’s a clear family resemblance – the same snub nose and feline eyes, the same estuary vowels, throaty chuckle and girl-next-door charm. What’s more striking is the spookily similar way in which both got their big break. Both went from the Miskin Theatre School in Dartford to Rada and both were plucked from final-year obscurity there by Stephen Poliakoff. Gemma appeared in his BBC drama Capturing Mary in 2007; four years later Hannah landed a part in My City at the Almeida Theatre.

Now that they both have leads in high-profile musicals, is it about to get a bit competitive between them? “No, no, no, not at all”, says Arterton, fiddling with a tiny axe charm on her necklace. So far, her big sister has been nothing but supportive. When Hannah was 18 she lived in Gemma’s London flat, auditioning for drama school and working in a Camden shoe-shop by day, cat-sitting by night as her sister roamed film sets and red carpets around the world. Sometimes, she got an invitation to join her. Her “work experience” the summer before she started at Rada was two weeks on the set of Prince of Persia, and she has had her share of plus-ones to award ceremonies and premieres. “Two girls who grew up on a council estate, sipping champagne next to Helen Mirren. Nutty,” she says.

In other words, the Arterton dynamic is more Kylie and Dannii Minogue than it is Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland. “She [Gemma] was so incredibly successful, very quickly. I might be making this up but I think she is the most successful female graduate of Rada ever”, says Arterton. “She finished early, got a part in a film and then was just… off.” A tough act to follow, then? “I thought: ‘Oh god, I’m going to go to Rada and everyone is going to think I want to be on her coat-tails.’ But we’re so different. We have very different energies. I don’t think we’d ever be up for the same part.” Read More

  M.   June 19, 2014

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  M.   June 17, 2014

The fabulous music video for Walking On Sunshine film has landed! Enjoy below!

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  M.   June 17, 2014

With our special thanks to Chuckie.

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  M.   June 16, 2014

By Benji Wilson

Meet Hannah Arterton, the British actress bringing her own brand of sunshine to the feel-good film of the summer
If a young actress like Hannah Arterton were asked to dream up her perfect first film, it might come out something like Walking on Sunshine. Description? A feel-good musical designed to leave all comers with an ear-to-ear grin. Setting? Three months on location by the beach in Puglia, please. Storyline? Likeable, bookish girl meets ludicrously good-looking man for passionate holiday romance. Soundtrack? A medley of whopping great 80s belters. No wonder they called it Walking on Sunshine – according to Hannah, she certainly was.

‘It was a real laugh. I’ve got the feeling that in ten years I’ll look back at this job and think it was just amazing. We did go out for dinner every night and eat wonderful food and have a little bit too much wine. I did get to kiss a gorgeous boy and run around on the beach for two months singing Whitney Houston songs. It was just mad.’

The day work, she quickly adds, wasn’t always so relaxing – endless dance sessions and precision choreography meant that it felt ‘like boot camp’. Yet even that had an upside: ‘It got me into the best shape of my life!’

The overriding sense that oozes from the screen is that everyone involved in Walking on Sunshine – from Leona Lewis in her debut feature to Greg Wise as an expat slimeball – was having a whale of a time. And it’s infectious: whether you think the 80s were heavenly or horrendous (Hannah, for the record, loves the music even though she wasn’t born until 1989), you’ll be hard pushed to exit the cinema without a smile on your face and a Roxette ballad in your head.

Yet though Walking on Sunshine is a blast, a great film to kick off (or wrap up) a girls’ night out, Hannah thinks it carries a worthwhile message too. ‘I know this is a film that a lot of young people are going to watch and that means a lot to me. I’m only starting out in my career but I feel quite strongly that I want to send positive messages to young people.’ Read More

  M.   June 15, 2014

A Kick Up the Eighties — Rising start Hannah Arterton on her lead role in this year’s Mamma Mia!, a film based on the hit song Walking on Sunshine.

Walking on Sunshine will be in UK inemas starting June 27, 2014.

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  M.   June 14, 2014

Set on the beautiful beaches of the Italian coastline, Walking on Sunshine is a musically-infused romantic comedy featuring hit songs from the 80s. Starring Annabel Scholey, Hannah Arterton and singer Leona Lewis, it promises to be a film that celebrates life and sunshine, and one that will have audiences singing and dancing in the aisles, if they should feel that way inclined.

The Upcoming spoke to leading lady Hannah Arterton and directing team Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini on the red carpet at the world premiere at Vue West End.

Are you excited about tonight?

Hannah Arterton: Really excited. It’s a bit of a big night for me: it’s my first premiere. I’ve got all my family here, and yeah, it’s really nice.

Have you had the chance to see a proper screening of the film?

Hannah: Yes, I’ve seen it a couple of times actually. I’ve been very lucky to see it a few times and I love it. It’s hard to be objective when you’re in it, but I really do. I’m very proud of it. I think we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

It looks like it’s a film that has a great sense of fun about it, and is bit of a celebration.

Hannah: Yeah, which I think is a quite rare in cinema nowadays. Everything can sort of feel a bit like it’s not good unless it’s really heavy; where you can’t do a good performance unless you’re crying all the time. I do cry quite a lot in this, but I think it’s important that movies entertain, and make you feel good, and have that escapism.

Were you very familiar with the 80s material before the film?

Hannah: Very familiar. My god, I grew up listening to all of these songs, and especially the Madonna tracks. My mum’s a huge Madonna fan, so it was just incredible to be on a beach singing. I mean, the nine-year-old me was incredibly happy.

Was that a part of why you jumped at the chance?

Hannah: Absolutely, and because it was shooting in Italy for three months that was a big draw. But also, I absolutely love the script, I love the character: I think she’s very modern in that she doesn’t initially give everything up for love. She goes and she gets her education and that’s very important to her, and she actually stands by that. And I think that’s a very great message for young women today.

What can people expect from the film then?

Hannah: Oh my god, they’re going to sing, they’re going to come out with sore throats, and you’ll be breathless. Singing, dancing, incredible landscapes, beautiful scenery. Lots of filthy one-liners from Greg Wise. It’s very fun. Read More