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  M.   March 11, 2013

By Michael MacLennan

Interview With The Vampire director Neil Jordan has returned to tales of the undead with his new film, about a mother and daughter vampire duo’s struggle to survive.

Byzantium showed at last weekend’s culmination of the hugely popular Glasgow Film Festival – and proved to be one of the highlights.

Visually stunning and full of intrigue, the film works as a drama about the fragility of familial relationships, while also not shying away from redefining vampire mythology.

Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan and Neil Jordan were all in the city for the UK premiere, and we caught up with them beforehand to find out more about Byzantium.

“It was strange, when I read the script it just felt so familiar,” explained Jordan. “It was about vampires, obviously. I made a film Interview With The Vampire years ago, and I had no intention of making another one – but this one was so lovely and so deft.”

In the film Arterton plays Clara, a 200-year-old vampire who works in sleazy strip clubs and prostitutes herself to support her vampire daughter, Eleanor (Ronan).

Arterton said: “I read the script, and just absolutely wanted to do it. It was right up my street.

“I love Neil’s films, and I love fantasy. This particular supernatural genre, I wanted to do something like that, but with the grit and reality that there is in this film.”

After talking about wanting to work with Jordan, Ronan explained: “The thing about this is that, even though it’s quite gothic and classical in some ways it’s very realistic – especially in the present.”

Jordan added: “Gemma’s an extraordinary actress, an extraordinary physical performer, and Saoirse’s got this extraordinary haunted concentration about her, so it was fantastic working with them on this movie.”

To find out much more about Byzantium, its plot and what else attracted the trio to the film, click on the video below!

Byzantium is released in UK cinemas on May 3.

Watch video interview at the SOURCE.

  M.   March 10, 2013

By: Adam Helliker

How nice that on this of all days, GEMMA ARTERTON should pay tribute to her mother, to whom she says she owes the fighting spirit that has seen her rewarded with roles in such films as Tamara Drewe and Quantum Of Solace.

Gemma Arterton praises her mum

Her mother Sally Anne still lives in the same council house where Gemma was brought up in Gravesend, Kent, and her grateful daughter says: “What never fails to move me about motherhood is this love, this instinct to protect and the selflessness.”

In the past few weeks Mrs Arterton, who was divorced from her husband Barry, a welder, when Gemma was five, has been a considerable source of strength following the break-up of the actress’s two-year marriage to Italian businesssman Stefano Catelli.

Says a grateful Gemma: “She doesn’t give a **** about anything except that I’m OK. That’s the best thing about her.”

Indeed, I recall chatting to Sally Anne at a party to which Gemma had taken her when she told me proudly: “I still do the same cleaning job I did when Gemma was growing up and, apart from going to the odd fancy party, life is the same. Lots of people change when they become famous but I keep her grounded. She’s still the same girl she always was. “I never thought she would be a star. Nowadays with all these reality shows parents often push their kids towards it but Gemma did it all herself.” What a lovely modest mother.


  M.   March 06, 2013

This is a brand new unseen before shot, but the photoshoot itself isn’t new and was already used in 3 different publications in 2011: Elle (Ukraine) – June 2011, Elle (India) – June 2011 and Be (France) – August 19, 2011. The photoshoot itself can be found over here and it currently graces the layout of our gallery. Unfortunately the French magazine wasn’t very fond of Hansel & Gretel as a film.

Scans from 2013 > Premiere (France) – March 2013

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  Nicole   March 06, 2013

Gemma attended the press night performance of ‘The Audience’ at the Gielgud Theatre yesterday in London. Some photos have been added to the gallery :)

Public Events > The Audience – Press Night – Curtain Call & Foyer

  Nicole   March 06, 2013

She’s already proved herself as a British actress making a huge impact on Hollywood and Gemma Areterton has proved that she can keep up on the red carpet too.

The 27-year-old actress cut a stylish figure in a flowing black gown as she attended the launch of a new flight route on Tuesday.

With her hair teased into glamorous curls with plenty of volume, and a slick of classic red lipstick across her pout, Gemma cut a glamorous figure in the flattering gown.

The floor-length dress boasted a split to her thigh up the front and a peplum detail around the waist, made to highlight her enviable shape.

Gemma was promoting the launch of British Airway’s new red carpet route to Los Angeles and passengers will be able to fly to Tinseltown in the company’s new Airbus A380.

The carrier is launching special flight prices for the route which are due to be scheduled to commence in October.

Speaking about the new flight Gemma said: ‘Working in film means that I spend a lot of time travelling around the world, often to Los Angeles. It’s essential to arrive feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead, as I often hit the ground running, and I prefer to travel in style with British Airways.’

‘It’s very exciting that the A380 will be flying to Los Angeles. I think the red carpet route will be very popular.’


Public Events > BA Red Carpet Routes Photocall

  M.   February 28, 2013

Fighting talk from Gemma Arterton. The Bond girl gets feisty: Gemma Arterton on her A-List crush and her mean right hook.

The photoshoot isn’t new and was already used in the June 2008 issue of InStyle UK and one of our previous layouts.

Scans from 2013 > OK! Magazine (UK) – March 5, 2013

  M.   February 28, 2013

Thanks to Francisco and www.jeremyleerenner.com for the Spanish scans and to Chuckie for the UK clippings.

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